What Is The Disadvantages Of Telephone?


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The telephone has changed the world we live in. Just like in recent years the Internet has completely changed the way we live and learn, the telephone allowed people to instantaneously get in touch with other people the other side of the world, well before the Internet. This is the main advantage, in that these days anybody can get in touch with their friends or loved ones within a matter of seconds or minutes.

However, there are some disadvantages. In the modern day, there is actually growing concern that mobile telephones are emitting waves and signals that could potentially damage the brain. Given that mobile telephones, in historical terms, are relatively new we do not have any extended research on what these waves and signals are able to do to the brain. Hence, all we can do is carry on using the mobile phones and see what happens in the future. For all we know, these mobile phones could be causing cancers in a large proportion of their users. However, we could be completely wrong and find out that mobile phones don’t cause any damage at all.

What you must remember is that this disadvantage is only a theory, and the market sells a wide range of mobile phones that are not considered necessarily dangerous for your health. Nearly everybody owns a mobile telephone these days, and many people could not get by without one - if you were to purchase one then you would just be becoming one of the millions of people on earth that depend on these devices to get through their social and working day.

Whilst this disadvantage of telephones could potentially cause problems in the future, you must remember that the problem is not proven and you could end up being perfectly healthy in the future. Don’t worry, most people use telephones anyway.

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Yes I do believe that telephone is a disadvantage because now we regret visiting our relatives and prefer to talk on the phone


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Dear Rince, you have done a grammer mistake in your question. If you are asking any one disadvantage then you must not add 's' at the end of the 'disadvantage'. It should be singular because you have used singular helping verb (is). And if you are asking many disadvantages then helping verb should be 'are'.
There are many advantages and disadvantages of telepone.

People just waste time on telephone by talking idle.
Telephone bills also increase by lenghty calls.
People just give blank calls to others.
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It can get cut off for not paying the bill, or it can have problems and just get cut off, or it can get stolen.
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The advantage of a telephone is you can call your classmates if you have assignments but you didn't copy it you don't know what it is or what's all about'then you just call your classmates.The disadvantage is your electric bill will increase'but for the students it is important...hope you like my idea...
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You have to pay after using the phone!...
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An example of a disadvantage of using a telephone is that after you use it, you have to pay for it! Hope this helps you! :)
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The disadvantage is that sometimes if you have internet and telephone in one landline for example BT, Virgin, Orange or any other. Sometimes when you use the internet you can't use the phone at the same time, it happens rarely but it's still a disadvantage :)
Hope it helps you :)

This is to Fakhar26:
You spelt 'LENGTHY' wrong you spelt it 'LENGHTY'.

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