When Would People Need The Services Of A Mortician?


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Heather Collins answered

When you die. They oversee the preparing of a body for burial or cremation.  They do the embalming, washing and dressing of the body.

Don't confuse them with a coroner or medical examiner, who examine and perform autopsies on a deceased body to determine cause and method of death. Once this is done, the corpse is given to a funeral home where a mortician performs their job.

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Sarah Clarke answered
If we were to switch the title mortician with the title funeral director, individuals who are interested in prearranging their funeral, someone else's funeral or even just meeting up with the funeral director (follow up) after the death of their loved one would be in need of a "mortician".

Funeral directors are (to some extent) counselors, business men and women and organizers. They make sure everything runs smoothly and that everyone is taken care of.


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