What Is The Meaning Of Human Services?


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Human services is any action or activity that a human being performs to assist another person in achieving a goal, objective, or to overcome a problem.

The term can be applied to a variety of different jobs and roles.

What is the meaning of human services?
The term 'human services' can be applied loosely to pretty much anything that one human being does for another.

Even in a business setting, its definition is: "a sequence of activities through which an individual is benefited, but that does not result in ownership of the outcome".

Can you give me examples of human services?
Generally, human services are characterized by being intangible. You cannot store or save a human service, because it doesn't physically exist. An example of this concept would be a consultancy.

In a consultancy arrangement, you might pay a sum of money to a person to examine your business model, and to suggest improvements and solutions based on their prior experience and knowledge.

This type of service is difficult to quantify, and can't be treated in the same way as other assets, services or goods.

Other examples of human services include: Educational/tutorial services, medical services, social work, legal advice.

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