How Has The Wide Spread Of Information Technology Affected The Power Structures?


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During the past fifteen years the access of the public to information technology and, thereby, to information from a variety of sources, has changed power structures at the national and international level. At the national level one of the striking new political alliances that have emerged as a result is that between communications media, including print media, and the general public. In order to be successful, that is to capture the attention of the public, both governments owned and commercial media must cater to the taste of the public and satisfy the needs of the public.

A desire for information that can help people understand the world around them is evident. The public is also attracted to activities that allow it to participate in and, possibly, control or transform events. By reporting events as they take place, almost as if the public's awareness and the witnessing of such activity made a difference, communications media confers importance on the public. Not only does a stream of information create a picture of the world, but through expert commentaries and instant analyses, media can be instrumental in molding public reaction to events taking place.

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