How Information Technology Affects The Young Generation?


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The internet it now widely available on phones, tablets, desktop computers and laptops, making information technology very accessible to the younger generation. Factors changed by information technology include:

  • Communication
  • Access to knowledge
  • Unrestricted access
  • Health
The Internet means communication is a lot easier for the younger generation. This gives them a chance to catch up with long-distance family and friends. Relationships can be sustained and it is essentially free to contact someone via Skype, Facebook, etc. However, it is now easier for younger people to become victims of cyber-bullying and pedophilia. The good news is that Facebook provides security and privacy for users.

Information technology can help with research for homework, essays, revision and coursework. With a world of knowledge at their fingertips the internet is a wonderful place to research certain topics and subjects. However, using sites such as Wikipedia may offer inaccurate or even incorrect information.

The younger generation may have unrestricted access to pornographic sites, gambling sites and scamming sites. Premature exposure to pornographic sites could cause children to think that sex is always like porn. Some children may develop gambling problems or become part of a scam. However, early exposure could help children to understand the problems with gambling and fraud.

Sometimes it is hard to stop using technology and there are some health risks. It is important to take regular breaks from looking at computer or smart phone screens otherwise the user can damage his or her eyesight or posture.
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