Does South Carolina Have 5,280 Kilometres Of Coastline?


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Er, NO.  The frequently cited statistic for SC (see source/example website) is 187 miles of coastline.  I measured it out by eye using GoogleEarth, and came up with an approximate figure of about 187 miles, too, so I think that figure on the parks website must be right.

By conversion factors, 1 miles = 1.607 km.  So 187 miles is

187 miles * 1.607 km / 1 mile, or 187 miles = 300.5 km.  Just call it 300 km.

So the other figures in your multiple choice questions (2416 km, 1600 km ,etc.) are also equally wrong.

In fact, even the state of California (not including offshore islands) has only 1760 km of coastline!! Texas=591 km, Florida=13,560, if you include all the little bays and offshore islands (like the Florida Keys).  Only Alaska manages more coastline, among US states.

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