Where Is South Carolina?


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The South Carolina is located in the Southern region of the United States. It is divided into 4 main geographic areas. First is the coastal plain which is also called Lowcountry and is composed of sediments and fertile land. Some of this is suitable for farming as well. This part has a lot of Carolina bays, though their origins are unclear. The sand hills lie to the west of the coastal plain and are said to be remnants of a former physical era.

The Piedmont has the remaining parts of a mountain chain as well as is home to a couple of rivers. This used to previously be an area of much importance owing to power generation. Upstate is the last of the four regions and is the highest in terms of elevation. They continue on as the Appalachian Mountains. South Carolina is also known as South Cackalacky or the Prostrate State or Palmetto state.

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