Is Igneous Rock, The Dried Lava Of A Volcano?


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When lava of a volcano cools and solidifies it becomes Igneous Rock. Deep in the earths belly rises an ocean of fire, magma or molten rock which is nothing but hot liquid rock sometimes gets displaced and may erupt as a volcano. The molten rock that reaches the surface in an eruption is lava, superheated magma; this may flow for miles before cooling. On small islands where eruptions have taken place it flows to the sea and in a sweeping panorama of indescribable grandeur vaporizes tons of sea water in an instant.

It cools finally and forms igneous rock, in certain cases it may cool inside fissures and underground tunnels. Here too it is igneous rock that forms and is known as intrusive. Igneous means fire in another tongue of man.
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Volcanic rock is an example of an igneous rock
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Yes. I'm pretty sure, but you are taking this form a child, mind you:)

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