What Steps Would You Suggest That Would Stop RACISM(e.g., On Bases Of Colour, Creed-origin, Sex?


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Racial classification is the root of racism.  Just as a weed will grow back if you do not kill the root, you will not end racism so long as racial classification exists.  The moment you pigeonhole people into various groups, you have created an US vs THEM mentality which will manifest itself from time to time in feelings of superiority or inferiority.  One group will begin to look after the interests of their group over the interests of humanity as a whole.
It is a shame, especially when you consider that racial classification is bogus to begin with.  Black, White, etc, are all totally bogus classifications.  For instance, while a Moroccan would typically be classified as black, and a Spaniard would be classified as white, that spaniard likely has greater genetic similarity to a Morrocan than he does with a Pole, who is also classified as white. An Egyptian has more in common, genetically, with a German than they have with a South African, due to the fact that geographic proximity makes it more likely that at some time in the past there was some genetic mixing.  There are, and can be, no clear-cut lines dividing races.
Such classifications were invented by people who wanted to justify their ill treatment of others.  In order for people of good conscience to oppress or subjugate another group, they must find a rationale which allows them to be convinced that the oppressed group is less than themselves and thus worthy of oppression.  When people perpetuate the concept of racial classification, they are perpetuating racism.  Racial classification was created by people of evil intent, and one cannot do good works using the tools of evil.  Ironically, some of the worst perpetrators of racism are those who are opposed to racism.  I am not just talking about the obviously race baiting leaders of various movements, but the rank and file of their followers as well.  If you classify someone by race, you are a racist.
I fight it by working to stamp out the very notion of racial classification wherever possible.  When I fill out some government form which asks my race, I put a check mark in the box that says "Other" and write in HUMAN.
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Very true. There is more genetic diversity in a troop of chmpanzees than there are humans from opposite sides of the globe. And those chimps are more than likely related. Race is a man made idea that has little to do with real science and from what i've read, the concept of race didn't even occur till the 18th century even though it was well known there were people of different color throughout the world.
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I would suggest that:
Boycott relationship with such people until they realise their mistake &
Laws should be passed worldwide forcing racists to contribute in social work, so that they start knowing & giving importance to those they usually make point of racism.
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Laws punishing those who have racist beliefs will not change their beliefs, it will merely add to that groups resentment of other races, adding to their belief that one group is treated preferentially over another.
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I would suggest all that profess to know God share in his spirit of love,and don't just talk the talk walk the walk ,and treat people like you wish to be treated, that goes for justice also don't utilize double standards. Only God can do this one,and we know it will be done and done right,because it is difficult to get all people on the same page.

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