Can A Child Have Different Hair Color Than Their Parents?


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This all depends on what the parents genotypes are. So yes and no. For example if both parents were of the same recessive hair colouring, say ginger, then all the offspring would be ginger as both these parents would be pure breeding or homozygous recessive for ginger hair ,which means that they have no other hair colour genes in their genotypes.   There are many examples that I could give  but just one more is ,say , two  dark haired parents ,both of whom  are heterozygotes in genotype could have and will most likely have dark haired offspring ,can produce a fair haired child if both these parents are carriers for fair hair.     It is and can be complicated . Like I said it depends  on parental genotypes. This means what the parents genomes contain in the way of hair colour alleles  and recessiveness and dominance.
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Yes this can happen because all family DNA counts when it comes to the make up of a human,you can have a uncle that has or had a certain eye color and neither parent has that eye color and the child can be born of the generation and have the eye color of a generation or two previously...good luck
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Yes they can, I have gray hair, I was born with a patch of it and I have two son's and they do not have any gray hair, but I founded a gray hair in my 10 year old grandson's head the other day and I started laughing saying well I know he's taking after is grandma.
I have a first cousin, she's the only one in the family with a blonde patch, in the lower part of her head, she dyed it when she got older, people use to make fun of her, and the same grandson has the same patch of blonde hair in the same spot.
So children can take hair color, eyes, and other things from any one in the family, if the genes are there anything is possible
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Hair color is sometimes determined by recessive genes. Yes it's possible.
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Yes, I do think that it is possible for a child to have a different hair color than their parents because the gene might not come from them, but an ancestor who had a completely different hair color.

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