How Did Caleb Bradham Invent Pepsi-Cola?


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Caleb Braham was the founder of Pepsi Cola. He was born in the year 1867 and was a pharmacist by profession. He was forced to drop out of his medical school when his father's business ran into grave losses. He became a school teacher for a few years and soon opened a pharmacy store in New Bern.

The pharmacy had a soda fountain; it was here that he came up with the concept of Pepsi Cola in the year 1898. He put together the extract of the cola nut, rare oils and vanilla to form a liquid which he named 'Brad's Drink'. Thinking that it contained ingredients that helped in the process of digestion, he called it Pepsi Cola, a combination of the enzyme 'pepsin' and 'cola.' The Pepsi Cola Company came into being on Christmas even in 1902 in North Carolina.

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