Is Landing Possible On Saturn?why Or Why Not?


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Saturn is known as a gas giant. As such, travel to the surface of the planet is not possible. Though it is made of hard rock at the core, the rock only makes up 1/3 of the mass of the planet. Above the rock layer is a thick layer of liquid hydrogen that when heated by the core of Saturn, produces a vaporized layer of Hydrogen gas that we see from the outside.

Even so, Saturn is spinning too fast to land on it. Not to mention that the gravitational field on Saturn is created by the condensation of gases and heavy metals in the planets atmosphere.

Now it may be possible to land on one of the many moons of Saturn. But that's another question.

Saturn not only has gravity, it has so much gravity that it attracts matter to it and creates the rings.

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No, it is impossible, because there is no gravity in saturn.
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That is not true. Saturn has gravity. If you don't know something, don't answer.

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