Why is there no more manned moon landings since 1972?


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It is also jolly expensive. It would be hard to justify spending the sort of money necessary in straightened times like these. There are no Saturn V rockets lying around and (believe it or not) NASA did not keep the plans for these or the design documents. They would effectively be "starting from scratch". There were plans to revisit the moon as part of the "ramping up" required for a shot to Mars in the middle of the century. These plans, both for Mars and the Moon, are  effectively on indefinite hold. The Chinese have been speaking about a moon shot in "The future" - they have not said how far in the future.
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Because the Vietnam war was wrapping up and the government no longer needed a cover to divert funds for the military industrial complex in such a large capacity.

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Ask nasa that
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No one is interested in the moon anymore, like a been there, visited it, done with it attitude since then
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I think you mean in the you. S. I believe other countries are still doing it, and there is at least one private group (The Mormons) who are still interested.
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The reason there are no stars seen is due to the low light levels given off by the stars. BUT the astronauts have all said that they were VERY visible from the Moon's surface. As for re-using the Saturn V rockets, you have to remember that they were designed back in the early 60's and the technology has changed LOTS since then! To reuse one of the two that still exist (one at KSC and one at Johnson Space Center), they would need to reinvent OLD technology and why would they want to fly old equipment when new stuff would be much safer? However, either way the cost would be VERY high. After the last Shuttle launch this year, the US will have lost it's only way into space, they will have to use the Russian systems to get to the ISS. I also think/know that the public had become very bored with the Moon missions. Infact, Apollo 13 had done a broadcast from space before their explosion, and not one TV network even bothered to pick it up or broadcast it. It wasn't until they were in real life or death trouble that the world began to take note again. Of course after they got back, there was 14 - 17 and again the pubic lost interest. A shame really!    :-(   I hope that that helps answer your question.
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Some say it was a hoax. I don't know. Interesting that there are no stars in the moon pics. There should be millions. And Russia never landed there.

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