Where Does Moonstone Come From?


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The traditional country of origin of the moonstone was Sri Lanka or Ceylon as she was then known. These days however moonstones are also found or mined in the United States, Australia, Brazil, Madagascar and Myanmar.

The moonstone actually belongs to the mineral group known as the feldspars. Feldspars are what form nearly sixty five percent of all rocks found on earth. The moonstone comes from the "adularia" variety of feldspar. This "adularia" is a potassium aluminosillicate which is of gemstone type quality.

The name "adularia" is believed to come from the Adula Group in the European Alps where it is found. Another name for the moonstone is derived from the Greek word "selene" meaning moon, this name is "selenite". The moonstone gets its charming shimmer of light only after passing through the hands of a jeweller and the cutting process.

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