Is There Really A Place Called Hell In Norway?


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Yes. It's a small village in Stjordal and has a population of around 352 people.
It's a popular tourist place because of it's name and people send a lot of postcards from Hell. It's a popular thing to have a photo taken under the placename sign too.

The name actually derives from the Old Norse hellir or overhang. It can also mean luck or 'cliff cave'.
The actual word for hell in Norwegian is helvete which is also a place name in several areas of Norway although some Norwegians regard the word as a profanity.
In 2006, the annual blues festival which is held in the area was changed to Hell Music Festival.
In the winter it can be very cold in Hell, temperatures can drop to -20 degrees so if your visiting in the winter be prepared!
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Me and a few friends took a picture of the sign at the edge of town a couple years ago because it was frozen over at the time. So yes....

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