Which Country Has Least Hours Daylight?


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Any country which is near to either the north or south pole will have a significantly reduced amount of daylight hours, compared to countries nearest the Equator, however, they do benefit from a great deal more daylight during the summer months.  This is why Norway is called the 'land of the midnight sun'.  Spitzbergen islands within Norwegian rule is, along with Greenland, and Ellesmere Island which is Canadian are all within the very edge of the North Pole and consequently all share roughly the same amount of daylight hours.   To the south the regions within the Antarctic all have only a few hours daylight.  Australia, Norway and Britain etc all have 'areas' within the Antarctic.    Within these areas, daylight may only be four or five hours and even with this, there is little light i.e. The sun is very weak.  Winters are also very long and dark and due to the coldness and extremes of the winters, they are very inhospitable areas.  

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