What Ethical And Moral Responsibilities Do Photographers Have Towards Their Subject If They Are Children?


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Children are protected under child welfare acts and policies. Thus, photographers should consider some things before photographing children. The child being photographed is at a risk. Any one can make use of the child's photographs of this child to trace him and he can be easily identified if the photograph carries details of the child. Children's photographs can even be used on internet for bad publicity.

The photojournalist must put forth the interest of the child or children. He should obtain a prior consent of the parents of children before taking a photograph, especially if the child outstanding in the photograph. Secondly, this should be acceptable to the child and he himself should endorse it. The photographer should introduce himself to the parents with ample proof of his experience with children and other references. He should not be alone with the child and take pictures in the presence of children's parents. Lastly, he should not take photographs which portray the child in inappropriate or unsafe way.

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