What Type Of Personality Would Someone Have If They Refuse To Take Responsibility For Their Actions?


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Fear avoidance. Not being able to take on responsibilities for fear of messing up and not wanting to or can't face being at fault.
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Childish. We must all take responsibility, by not taking responsibility they are trying to or think they can avoid the consequences...
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Borderline psychotic/sociopathic I would say - if they really can't see what they have done wrong. But if they do know, and are just denying it, then they are selfish, arrogant and irresponsible.
Or possibly a politician.
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Dougleunig, You have to admit that your comment is far fetch. Besides in what world would everybody be the same? What world would they accept responsibility? People always going to be divided in sectios or group. Are u suggesting that are problem are senseless. Everything have a purpose even our problem
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Immature, irresponsible,sneaky,trying to slide in and out of things like a snake in the grass!!! And no one I would put up with!
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These type of mentalities are called arrogant people. Simply leaving them, for some time and just wait for the opportunity to teach them what is wrong where they have done wrong.
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Denial; what they did actually has a responsibility attached. The individual may find it easier to deny or perhaps change the subject to avoid responsibility to their actions. This could be due to immaturity or perhaps because of ignorance.
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Then they are irresponsible and they are  very lazy and selfish. Though  it may of  been only 1 time and they were busy then you can't  really blame them is it is  a sensible reason for being busy
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They would have stubborn, irresponsible attitude that puts people at risk and is very indecisive in nature.
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Hi Mindfood,

I believe the behavior you describe is avoidance. I grew up with someone who put everything on everyone else and made it work for her. It's a shame really. And very stressful! Good luck! Jo
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Careless and rash. They could probably benefit from a program of 12 steps which although created with the addict in mind, is actually a very good map to follow in anyone's life.
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I hate to be the spoiler in this one sided view of "other people's problems" but I would say that we see the faults in others that we ourselves can't face. In other words...refusing to take responsibility is normal. If we all assumed the responsibility of all of our actions, and never put the blame outside of ourselves, we would create Heaven on earth. If we all assumed our part in contributing to global warming and acted upon that responsibility, we would solve our portion of that problem. If everyone dealt with their own difficulties by changing themselves and not expecting the change to come from others, we would end all wars.
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Jo W.
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While you are correct in saying that we see our own faults in others, I do not believe that skirting responsibility is “normal”; it is avoidance. Please excuse me Doug, but I must be frank here. I find your response quite condescending, and arrogant. There are a lot of people out there who are responsible; you cannot lump people into one category because it fits your needs. I have found that it is not all black and white, it is all gray. Thank you for allowing me to share my opinion, and I hope I wasn’t too frank for you.
Doug Leunig
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You are not at all too frank and quiet correct in pointing out that many people are responsible and that blanket statements are rarely fitting. I am sorry that my comment came across as condescending because I was including myself in the "we all." That said, I still believe that if everybody assumed responsibility for their actions most of the world's problems would get solved. That doesn't suggest that nobody is doing it. It suggests a target at which to aim. I don't claim to be a sharpshooter.
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Ah Doug. See what happens when you dance with the Shadow! (Step on someone's corns, most like').

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