What Is A Tempur-pedic Pillow Made Up Of To Cause It To Freeze Solid When Left In A Car For 2 Hours At 20 Degrees Fahrenheit?


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Well my darlin'....that's like askin' us where Jimmy Hoffa is....lol
It's a trade secret, that only a few people who work at Temperpedic know. All I can tell you Nas...is that it's made from layers of a "visco-elastic", which is a very temperature sensitive material. When it gets warmer & more humid, it gets softer.... When it gets cooler, it gets harder.
( hmmmm, won't say it, won't say it, won't say it ) LOL
The old formula for Temperpedic material (which is a Nasa technology ),was made in the 70's to help astronauts fight off the smashing effects of g-force during take off and flight. That formula WAS released in 1991. ( somewhere???) I can't find it tho. They now have a new formula, which hasn't been released....& won't be, unless Temperpedic loses all their customers.....Or one of the few people who does know it, gets paid off even better by another company to let the secret out. I guess this isn't the type of pillow you want to have if you live in an Igloo !!
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It is made up of a mixture of a methanol derivative, acetone, and benzine mixed in a soluble water carrier. At that temperature, the larger % of water takes over and freezes.
P.S. It's not a trade secret - the patent expired years ago.
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I have one . I don't know exactly what it is made of but it is heat activated . I have my bedroom pritty cols and when I come to bed it almost feels like a rock after a few moments it gets soft and contours to my head ( very comfortable ) . Sorry that I could not help with what it is made of they kind of keep it a secret .
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Sorry sis, don't have a science nor a chemistry hat to even put on , so I have no clue but when time permits I will be checking, unless they have the secret locked in and when it is like that you have to be careful because it has gotten to market without the proper inspection, I have heard of them but never used one, was it OK after leaving it in the car ?...♥
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Those are the kinds of things you buy two of one to examine and the other to use for the purpose intended, and you know I'm feeling silly right about now, fighting sleep because it is too early to even think about it.....♥
Kinda like the secret recipe at KFC? Lol
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I don't know honestly dear. I am in a bit of pain from a fall today, and am on a few pain meds, lol so, the interest in doing the proper searching is low to say the least. Lol Going to see the doc tomorrow probably. Left leg is swelling, where the two other clots were. Ugh, dreading this! Sorry I can't help more dear.
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Sounds as if you need my pillow...lol!
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Got up this morning, leg swelling went down, but would love a new pillow. ^_^ Tripped on the stairs yesterday when we were leaving to go for our drive. Lol Slid down on my shins, they are in bad shape, and hurt something fierce along with my back, tweaked it in the fall. :-( Doing good though, pain meds are working. Lol For now. Think I might go in and see the doc anyway. Love you hon. ♥♥♥
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It's a trade secret, but it's a temperature-sensitive foam based on NASA technology from the '70s in acceleration couches. It becomes soft at body temperature, and firm at cooler temperatures, so I guess if left outside in freezing temperatures, while it wouldn't freeze as such, it would certainly go very hard.
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If I had to guess I would say moisture collected in the pillow from daily use  from going from hot to cold temperatures made your tempur pedic pillow go frigid/stiff. : )
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Thanks dear...[hugs]
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They say to throw them away once a year because of this. I guess it's kind of hard to wash them. That or you have to get what's that big word get a hypo allergenic pillow cover so you can change them and wash the covers(pillow case). I go to kmarts a and buy a new pillow once a year made from spun 50/50 for 3-6 bucks. Matter of fact i am sitting on 2 pillows right now. Sounds like you need a formed fitted breathable seat cushion. Or a hot rod seat like a recaro with a five point harness : ).
I always have a pillow case on it & wash it weekly. As far as replacing it annually...not at $115.00 a pop sweetie!!! Lol :-)

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