Is It True, That Snow Avalanches Can Be Caused By Noise - Like Loud Shouting?


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No, human voice is normally not sufficient to cause an avalanche. However, louder noise, like a shot of a gun somewhere nearby or a jet plane flying overhead can cause it. A snow blanket consists of many layers, depending on the temperature and humidity prevailing at the time, the snow actually fell: sunny periods in between, frosty nights followed by strong snowfall without wind - which will cause a loose, labile layer, while strong wind during snowfall will cause compactly pressed layers. So an 8m thick snow blanket is indeed a labile layered matter, and small incidences can cause the masses to slide down, like a skier crossing a slope beyond the marked piste on a virginal new snow-slope, a snowball thrown, or - as mentioned noise. But noise must be a sudden, loud one, to cause avalanches.
So, you need not be all silent in the snowy mountains, but if there is avalanche warning out, there's always a strong reason for this! And beware- not all victims are found by sonic devices or trained dogs. Avalanches take quite a death-toll each and every season!!

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