Is it true that drinking too much water can be toxic?


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No, not toxic.  Drinking water helps flush toxins out of the body, however if you drink too much water, you can also flush out good minerals from the system.  An active adult should drink no more than 3litres of water per day .
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Your right..
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If you drink a bottle of water here and there if you exercise or if you're hot, you'll be fine. Where you run into problems is to drink too much too soon.
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Yes. It is commonly referred to as water intoxication. It's really caused more by drinking too much water too fast.
It's most commonly seen in infants who drink several bottles of water or very diluted formula in a shorter period and athletes who may drink too much water too fast after an activity that dehydrates them and not get the electrolytes needed as well.
There was a lot of coverage when a young woman tragically died of water intoxication after participating in a radio contest to win a wii system for her children. She drank around two gallons of water or possibly a bit more in a few hour period (and came in second). During the radio show there were many people who called in to warn that the contest was very dangerous and the contestants were at risk of water intoxication.
The callers were apparently told that 'they were aware but the contestants had signed a waiver/release so they were not responsible'. The jury did not agree in the wrongful death lawsuit later filed by her family. It is stated that the information was not passed on to the contestants and the amount of water was increased at a point despite all the phone calls warning that the contestants were at risk including at least one from a nurse.
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Probably.. You Could Rid Your Body Of Health  Stuff Too  I Can't Drink More Than About 30 Oz A  Day. My  Body . Being Over Fifty.. Does Not Take Large Amounts Fluids. I Run To The Restroom .. So I Drink  It Gradually All Day. Water Is Vital To Prevent Dehydration And Proper Body Functions Like Kidneys  Liver.. You Could Mess Up Your Electrolytes And Get Bladder Infections. Drink Fluids.. Not Soda . On And Off All Day I Learned From Experience To Make Sure I Get My Water..Too Many Bladder Infections
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Drinking to much water can be toxic, it causes hyponatremia.
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No..we can drink upto 5 litres in a day..then we will be avoids loss of glucose from ur body.

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