How Was Aspirin Invented?


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As early as 1853, Charles, Frederick Gerard (Gerhardt) with salicylic acid and acetic an hydride on the synthesis of acidly salicylic acid, but did not arouse attention; 1898, another German chemist Feihuofuman were synthesized, and for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis of his father, an excellent effect; introduced in 1899 by Theodore Dreiser to the clinic, and called for the aspirin (Aspirin). So far, aspirin has been applied a century, a medical history of one of the three classical drugs, it still is the world's most widely used antipyretic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs, but also as a comparison and evaluation of other drugs standard preparation. In vivo anti thrombotic effect with, it can inhibit the platelet release reaction, platelet aggregation, which is the decrease TXA2 generation. Clinically for the prevention of the onset of cardiovascular disease.
Aspirin was listed in 1898, it has been found to have anti-platelet aggregation effect, was re-aroused great interest. To aspirin and other salicylate derivatives and polyvinyl alcohol, cellulose acetate and other ester containing hydroxide polymer melt so that polymer-based, the products were antipyretic analgesic anti-inflammatory and free Ah sex ratio more long-term aspirin.
According to literature, said the inventor of aspirin, Felix Hoffmann of Germany, but this invention, also play a very important role in a Jewish chemist Etueryi Xing Green. Atueryi Xing Green bitterness story happened in between 1934 to 1949. In 1934, Felix Hoffman claims that he invented aspirin. Then Germany is in the dark days of Nazi rule, the persecution of Jews has been intensified. In this case, the arrogance of the Nazi rulers of the inventor of aspirin is more reluctant to admit the fact that the Jews, so they mistake the inventor of the title to Felix Hoffmann wearing a man's head, for their "big German national superiority" gilding. Nazi rulers in order to block the mouth of Green Atuerai Hing and brought him into a concentration camp. After World War II, about 1949 years ago, the Atueryi Xing Green has raised the issue, but he soon died. From this we have heard nothing. British medical scientists, historians 瓦尔特斯尼 Germany twists and turns of the licensed access to the German Bayer company, reviewed all the files Bayer Laboratories, finally irrefutable facts of history to restore the true features of this invention. He pointed out that: The invention of aspirin, Etuerai Xing Green contributed. The fact is that in 1897, Felix Hoffman first synthesized indeed constitute the main substance of aspirin, but he was his boss - well-known chemists, under the guidance Atuerai Xing Green and fully use the technology proposed by Ai Xing Green line was successful.

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