Which Country Has Invented The Most Things?


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It's certainly considered to be the British, by a considerable margin.

In the 19th century, Britain was by far the richest country in the world, and the wealth/profits reaped from global colonies ended up in the UK and were invested in science, engineering, arts etc...

TV, radio, internet, computer, jet engine, steam engine, iron ships, printing press, the list is endless.

Brits don't claim to be the first to kick a 'soccer ball/football', per se, but the rules of the game as we know it today were invented at Eton College London.

Brits also invented hockey, cricket, golf, rugby, snooker, tennis, this list is also endless.

The British Empire simply spread these British inventions and luxuries across the globe - so I conclude that, if you were to single out the nation who has influenced the modern world the most, it's the British, by miles.

However, people will claim it is us (the USA), and to some extent we have taken over where the British left off. We fight wars using tanks and aircraft (both British inventions), we made movies in their language and using TV, radio and the internet (all British inventions).

In essence, the British made the modern world and the USA milked it.
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Actually, I'm born in California, So I'm a full American, but my grandparents were British, Irish Italian, Mohecan Indian. Full disclosure, I'm not actually "Italian American, but 33% Italian.
Ari Mitrani
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Aircraft, TV, radio and the internet (all British inventions). ?? is that all mate ??
Oh yes, the all mighy god was actually a Brit, born in London 14 billion years ago and triggered the BIG BANG and created the Universe. How about that ?
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India!!! Hindus claim British and the rest of the has copied vedas to invent everything!!!!!
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I am American and I think that Britain invented the most' Next, I think Germany did quite a bit themselves.

As for America, we only went to the moon because we put a Nazi scientist in charge of our rocket program and we took a lot of German scientists from there, such as Einstein. He was Jewish but had German knowledge - so America should not really get so much credit for inventions, and this is coming from an American!
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robert walsh
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Germany's Dr. Hans von Ohain who was the designer of the first operational jet engine.
robert walsh
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First of all, I see too much misinformation.  Research "Internet" was pioneered in the 40's by xerox, and later by British and U.S military inventors for phoneless communication between armies in the u.s and western Europe. No single inventor or country can claim it, but the U.S controls its rights, so we wielded the most functional influence in it's workable creation., with some or little British influence. 
Rickard Dittlau
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Some great German inventions ..1- Car , Karl Benz 2-Jet Engine, Von Ohain 3- Nuclear fission ,Otto Hahn, Lise Meitner and Fritz Strassmann 4- Refrigerator, Carl von Linde 5- Relativity, Einstein 6-X Ray, Wilhelm Konrad von Röntgen 7-Book Printing,Johannes Gutenberg 8- Computer the first fully functional, programmable computer. Konrad Zuse 9-Scanner, Rudolf Hell 10-Telephone, Phillip Reis 11- TV , Baron Manfred von Ardenne 12- Aspirin, Bayer 13- Space Travel, Rocket Engine, Dr Von Braun 14- Radar, Christian Hülsmeyer 15- Cathode ray tube, Ferdinand Braun 13- Quantum theory,Max Planck....
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Yes it was certainly Britain.

Edinburgh was the center for biological/medical science for a long time, churning out vast amounts of medical discoveries and inventions.

Down south, the English were more practical types and have the majority of their inventions rooted in engineering and physics.

Between the two, it's certainly a lot.
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Who exactly are these people Jess???? Names?
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With a name like Johnson I wouldnt be throwing your lot in with the Germans so quickly, Darling. Failing that you could always change your name to Schicklgruber...and start throwing your arm in the air in the nazi salute...LOLOLOL
Ari Mitrani
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jess johnson..British fantasy and delusion knows no bounds,not patriotism there is a big difference.
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I love it how stupid brits still have this "The sun will never set on
the empire" attitude. Of course many great inventions came from the UK
but he got almost all the inventions in his list wrong.

1.Radio- The idea was originally by the british yes, but the US had the first working radio that was used for practical use.

2.Internet- An American invention that was used to communicate in case of Nuclear war.

3.Tank- Yes the British invented the tank but the Germans made the first tank we all know today.

The Americans made the first motored Aircraft. If it wasn't  for the
that, the airplane would be very different today.

5. TV- Yes it was a British invention but used 2 other inventions that were American and German. 

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3. The aeroplane, from the sound and tone of your post its you thats tooting the We're the best in the world horn..but i digress, the aeroplane, da vinci drew it, but couldnt build it, the montgolfier brothers flew first in hot air balloons in 1783 and in 1799 Sir George Cayley of the U.K drew a plan for a fixed-wing aircraft. that looks very similar to the wright brothers design. So sorry to tell you anon but to see further they were standing on the shoulders of giants and as in my book its the inventor of the concept not the perfector that is the ORIGINATOR then it has to go to Italy...So once again anon...Wrong.
4. Very simply put, there would be no internet without T flowers and his brainchild in the form it exsists in today. But having said that you guys were the first to hook them computers up together and send data, therefore the internet it is an american invention. But what was then called an internet was a very clumsy and hard to understand place for the layman. it would have never have become so popular as it is now. Until A U.K genius Tim Berners-Lee invented the WWW.and gave the world the internet's pretty much idiot proof front end. So this one is a well deserved point to the US anon but an honourable mention goes to the U.K.
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5. T.V. John logie Baird of scotland U.K undoubtedly perfected the T.V as we know it, but as will all the rantings of sneering patriots anon, there is a grain of truth to what you say, the cathode ray tube should indeed be called the Braun tube after its inventor, A further mention must also go to the U.K as the beginnings of mechanical television can be traced back to the discovery of the photoconductivity of the element selenium by Willoughby Smith in 1873,
6. Radio. On 14 August 1894, at a meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science at Oxford University, Lodge gave a lecture on the work of Hertz (recently deceased) and transmitted radio signals to demonstrate their potential for communication. This was one year before Marconi but one year after Tesla did the same thing. So I think that tesla wins by a nose. And the winner is SERBIA.
7. One thing the U.S has invented though and you can be sure that this ones all yours is the Atomic bomb, please STOP INVENTING THING AMERICA, especially things we dont need.
I hope you take this in the good natured way it was intended A hughes A.K.A zevenx3...PEACE...out
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Just to point out that in the period of the British Empire there was really no contest as others have said - I mean without the Industrial Revolution itself where would the world be now ?
However even since say 1950 Britain still punches well over it's weight in terms of advances in science and technology - I mean improvements as well as original inventions/discoveries.
Most especially say in discoveries/inventions/advances per capita - also probably more cost-effectively than anyone else except maybe Germany ;)
However we're probably one of the worst countries in the world for making the most of advances in a commercial sense although hopefully the success of people like Sir James Dyson relatively recently is changing that.
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Never discuss with  a  Brit  the issue of  who invented what..

They would say that  all -mighty god was born in London  14 billion years ago 10 minutes after the big bang..

Television is an American invention Farnsworth was credited worldwide with it.  ..Jet engine was not invented in Britain,  the internal combustion engine was invented in France, Computer was invented in the US and Germany.. Radar was invented in the US and Germany..Heinrich Hertz,Christian Hülsmeyer and Erich Hollman made the greatest contributions.. Brits were the the first to use it as weapon..Brits would never ever had built the first A-BOMB without the Manhattan Project..4  out of the 5 leading scientist of Tube Alloy project were not Brits  3 Germans  and Niels Bohr .

Its true that Britain hugely contributed to the invention of the modern world but if you are really interested in truth, you will find out that half of their claims are baseless..

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Africa .. You are forgetting their contribution.  All most all of today's music has African roots - Jazz, Rap with its deep intelligence ... And the Tom Tom telegraph; much more sophisticated than morse code - Africa's contribution has been has been enormous. Right?

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Germans invented the most. Stop saying british or american.

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Jet engine was simultaneously invented my Germany and Britain. Two inventors came up with the same idea independently. Britain got their patent first, Germany flew first. Honours shared all round.

Top 3 British inventions (in my humble opinion):

*World wide web

*Theory of Evolution

*Newtons laws of Physics

Worst 3 inventions:

*The penny farthing

*The USA

*Concentration camps (Boer war)

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Bullshit! That's what the Brits would have you believe. In truth the British hardly invented anything. They stole everything from everywhere starting from the language itself! I used to be taught at school that the Brits invented so many things. 

Then I grew up , educated myself better and realised it was all propaganda! 

Radio? Lol Marconi was Italian! If it wasn't for the Romans who civilised the barberians, they would still be thousands of years backwards! And who were the Romans? Yes Italian. 

Three out of the 6 continents in the world are named after Italian people derived from Roman times: America: For Americo Vespucci - Italian explorer: Africa, after Scipio Africanus - Roman General who defeated Hannibal; and Australia coming from Australis, meaning south!

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First, all I see is misinformation, Research "Internet"  this is a U.S military invention, with little British influence at all.

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what a eurocentric bunch of answers! Spare a thought for the Chinese without whose invention of gunpowder all the british & american tanks would be useless. Come to think of it, without the Chinese invention of paper we might not have developed the written word!

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The British by miles. They invented America by colonising it. There is no such thing as an American. America is simply a place inhabited by people from other countries.

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Hello  what about the Irish? The Irish invented the Car - Ford family came from Ireland
Guided Missile,The Tank, Ejector Seat,Colour Photography, Trans-Atlantic Calls,A cure for Leprosy,The Modern Tractor.
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More things than you would ever know in use today were invented, or developed from inventions invented in Britain. Apparently, it's estimated that 50% of all the modern things in use today were invented by the British.

Just a few examples - the Internet, the radio, the telephone, television. The light bulb, the engine (steam, internal combustion and jet engines), trains, bicycles, electric battery, lawn mowers etc., etc.

China invented a lot things in the sort of medieval/earlier period, but I'm pretty sure Britain is the answer you're looking for.
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The internet is NOT a british invention. If a country is to gain credit for that one, it's the United States (the WWW however is swiss-british). The Jet-Engine is just as much a Norwegian invention as it's a british invention. The steam-engine is more french than british. My vote: United States or Germany. United States (46,115 international patent filings) by the way (from 2005). Japan 2nd with 24,829.
Dan Bell
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Well said sir! Americans need to come down from the pedestal they place themselves upon. Let's just get somethin straight shall we...Americans are sons of Europe! Nothing more. The facts are that despite the Brits using other forms of invention to invent something "better" does not negate from the fact that it's still a British invention. Sure we invented the language you speak too although you choose to bastardise it. Just accept that sometimes others can do better than you. You guys invented a game called "football" that's played with hands :-/ wth is that about?
Ari Mitrani
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Just a few example;

the Internet ( US military 1980's ) the radio, ( Marconi and Hertz ) television ( Paul Nipkow , Farnsworth ) The light bulb ( Edison due to its invention of filament ) the engine internal combustion ( Nicklaus Otto, Karl Benz and Henry Ford ) jet engines ( German Dr. Hans von Ohain ) electric battery ( Alessandro Volta)

As a result of the above facts, Britain is clearly not the answer people are looking for..
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To all posters - Check out Arthur Herman's "The Scottish Enlightenment - How the Scots invented the Modern World".

Herman is a US Professor based at The Smithsonian Museum so he has no reason to be prejudiced in favour of the Scots, rather his great book is a well-researched and factual account of how our modern world came to be.
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No  nation  in the world has contributed more  to basic science than  Germans, they are most probably responsible for 70% of the science we have today  ...Alexander von Humboldt and Gottfried Leibniz are the two greatest universal genius ever lived.. Gaus and Euler comes after them....

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The British invented the world, the Spanish, French, Germans knew this, and they wanted peace, a piece of Britain. The Americans(originally British) bought our scientists, and became a super-power, like Britain was. We had the biggest empire in the world to-date.
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um the biggest empire was the Mongolian empire
Dan Bell
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At it's greatest extent, the British empire was known as the largest empire in history, as it covered more than 13,000,000 square miles, which is approximately a quarter of the Earth's total land area, and controlled more than 500 million people – again a quarter of the world's population.22 Jun 2010
Ari Mitrani
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Most Americans are not British, there are more Germans and Irish in America than British and also the leading brains in America are jews..America buying your scientist is a fairy tale for 3 year old children, you could never provide so many scientist America needed. 70 out of 100 best universities in the world is in America who needs your scientists?
You had the biggest empire ? yes probably.
But believe me you didn't invent the world..All your inventions would have been invented by somebody else.
Remember, Radar,jet engine, rocketry science, computers, none of them was invented in Britain.
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England by a country mile:

  • Adjustable spanner
  • Automatic Computing Engine
  • Bird's Custard
  • Bouncing bomb
  • Carbonated water 
  • Cat's eyes
  • Electric generator
  • Fax
  • Fire extinguisher
  • High explosive
  • Hovercraft Hydraulics
  • Hydrofoil
  • Iris recognition
  • Jet engine
  • Lawn mower
  • Machine gun
  • Magnifying glass
  • Newtonian telescope
  • Portable media player 
  • Prime meridian (Greenwich
  • Refrigerator
  • Rubber band
  • Seat belt
  • Sewing machine
  • Stainless steel
  • Steam turbine
  • Stephenson's Rocket
  • Stereoscope
  • Sticky toffee pudding
  • Stocking frame
  • Tank Throstle frame
  • Toothbrush
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Washing machine
  • World Wide Web
  • ZX Spectrum ZX80
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Greece (mainly Ancient Greece) has invented quite a lot, like the Olympics and plays/ pantomimes! What would life be like without them?

Britain wouldn't be getting so much publicity, if it weren't for the Olympics and for Greece!
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Well, for a start, the first nuclear bomb developed by Einstein was helped by mostly British scientists, and Britain would have made the first atomic bomb if we had the money, as we were hit by major debt from World War 2 as we got blitzed and America didn't.
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Ari Mitrani
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The so called British scientists were all German and Austrian jews.. Sir Ernst Rudolf Peierleis and Otto Robert Frisch, don't sound very much British ! and pls add Klaus Fuchs to the list who sold American secrets to Russia and also Niels Bohr was also very influential in TUBE ALLOY project, again no Brits..
Well , for a start, you posted complete nonsense.
And even without these, the MANHATTAN PROJECT would have produced the A-BOMB.
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As an American, I must say German inventions might be more important than British, at least from the beginning of the 20th century and the late 19th century. Without the modern car and the modern engines and technologies invented by the Germans, you Brits might still ride on horses.

I see the modern car as the largest jump and movement in world history. It made everything mobile, faster, independent, and many new things just possible.

By the way, Britain might have invented the jet engine first, but it wasn't able to fly. The Germans flew first and invented from Whittle the jet engine as well which was able to fly a plane.

Also today, German engineering is most famous for its quality and efficiency, for sure not the British.

Just a few more to mention...

# Rocket (V2)
# Ballistic Missile
# Otto Motor
# Diesel Engine
# 3D Mars Camera
# Airbag
# Aspirin
# Automobile
# Bacteriology
# Beer
# C-Leg
# Chipcard
# Computer
# Ecoflex Plastic
# Glider
# Gummi Bear
# Helicopter
# Jet Engine
# MP3 Format
# Nuclear Fission
# Nylon Plug
# Radio-controlled watch
# Record Player
# Scanner
# Small format camera
# Social Legislation
# Tape recorder
# Television
# The Pill
# Theory of Relativity
# Toothpaste
# Twin Elevator
# X-ray technology
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Ari Mitrani
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Please add the RADAR to the list, German invention.
Ari Mitrani
Ari Mitrani commented
Jet engine: Whittle 1930 patent design never produced an operational engine, in fact there was not even a scale model produced to meet the requirements of the patent application, he had not begun construction of an "operational" jet engine of a different design until 1936 and did not meet the requirements of a flight quality engine until well after the first German jet aircraft flew in 1939.. Von Ohains engine was the first to be built, the first to be tested at full power and the first to fly... Its Whittles claims that fail under scrutiny... there is simply no evidence that Whittle invented, built, or acheived anything related to turbojet engines first.... its all propaganda hype from postwar news reels and jingoistic BBC documentaries.
Whittle was the first brit to build a jet engine but he was not the first to invent it, build it or fly it.... Brits just assume that he was the first in England that he must have been the first ever.... which simply is untrue, all the facts and dates prove otherwise.
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Scotland invented the TV, which is like the best invention ever. I'm Canadian but I would say the Scots, not the Brits. It seems that if it's Scottish, it's actually British  - and if it's English, then it's an English invention - but sorry, I can't name one English invention.
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Dan Bell
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I think you will find that scots are indeed also Brits :-/
Ari Mitrani
Ari Mitrani commented
Scotland never invented the TV, bairds mechanical TV didn't amount to a cup of beans what came after in the US ..Farnsworth's electronic TV .
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Just to tell you, China invented a lot of the things other countries boast about making. Like the steam engine, flame-thrower, rice wine, pizza (yes read about Marco Polo if you don't believe me), designs of armor/weapons, designs of buildings, etc.

You just have to look at who first tried it. But the country that has built the most platform for future technology is China by far.
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I would say that a country does not invent things, the people of the country do. While China certainly has created a vast spectrum of new things, I would say the USA has the people who have invented the most.
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(part 2) would have been born in norway. I'm sorry, but it really comes down to who invented the most. If it was your father, then congratulations!

The scandinavians has invented a lot with each other, and we helped each other out. Like the cellpone, and the different mobile networks. We also invented the bluetooth, and pretty much everything else we need to communicate in our daily life. I mean, I don't go to facebook to ask if my friends wants to come over...
Jess johnson
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All things are British because they colonized America? Haha if that were so true why did the "British Americans" need the help of Nazis to: Establish their space industry, NASA and build their rockets, Invent the Nuke, Jump Start America's film industry, it was German filmakers and actors who made early hollywood. Why did they need Germans to start their automobile industry? Please tell me how British engineers were in league with Germans that would be a terrible lie.
Ari Mitrani
Ari Mitrani commented
The US by a long distance .

Communications Satellite
In 1927, Philo Farnsworth made the world’s first working television system which he first demonstrated to the press on 1 September 1928.
Cable Television
Artificial Heart
Artificial Cardiac Pacemaker
Polio Vaccine
Popcorn Maker
Parking Meter
Washing Machine
Radar Gun
Remote Control
Smoke Detector
Vacuum Cleaner
Video Tape
Microwave Oven
Electric Guitar
Dish Washer
Electric Blanket
Electric Chair
Electric Stove
First Video Game
Satellite Navigation
Acrylic Paint
Aerosol Bomb
Virtual Reality
Industrial Robot
Nuclear Power Plant
Pipe Wrench
Flying Disc or Frisbee
Wind Surfing
Windscreen Wiper
Wheel Clamp
Weather Satellite
Nuclear Weapon
Nuclear Submarine
Pelton Wheel
Roller Skates
Safety Pin
Safety Razor
Scotch Tape
Shopping Cart
Space Shuttle
Swivel Chair
Marker Pen
Masking Tape
Bar code
Credit Card
Cotton Gin
Cotton Swab
Dental Floss
Direct Current
Gas Mask
Fuel Dispenser
Coca Cola
Tea Bag
Cotton Candy
Ice Cream Soda
Wearable Computer
Hard Disk Drive
Cash Register
Adobe Flash
Laser printing

Computer Keyboard
Wireless Keyboard


Micro Processor



Liquid Crystal Display – LCD

Plasma Display
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Not Scotland!! The only thing the Scottish invented was telling people that they invented everything!!!!

Not the Americans, by very definition the Americans have invented very little. The vast majority of so-called American inventions were inventions from foreigners living in America.

The Chinese without a doubt have invented an awful lot, probably the single greatest number of inventions.

But for significance and impact of inventions it has to be Britain. The British inventions and culture are so common to every country in the world, Britain truly did invent the modern world.
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Anonymous commented
Britain invented the Industrial Revolution, without that the world wouldn't have half the innovations and inventions as we know it today.
Ari Mitrani
Ari Mitrani commented
The industrial revolution would have been invented by other developed countries anyway..Remember you completely missed the second half of it when both Germany and US surpassed you before the end of 1800's.
At the outbreak of the WW1 Germany was already ahead of you.
Rickard Dittlau
Rickard Dittlau commented
Germans have contributed to basic science far more than Brits.
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I would say the USA, Canada, Israel, Russia, Italy, Greece, France, Germany and the Muslim world as well as the ancient Americas invented the most things in history - plus if it wasn't for different cultures coming to the UK you people would be still living in the dark ages. As for the English language, it was made up of Arabic, North African, Norman French, Egyptian and Italian.
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Shshsjshs Hsbshshs
Tony Burnett
Tony Burnett commented
Greatest Inventions U.S. (By far)
2nd are Germany
3rd are France

U.S.A. also own and rule the Internet and PC Tech

Wikipedia U.S.
Yahoo! U.S.
Amazon U.S.
Office U.S.
Windows U.S.
Twitter U.S.
Instagram U.S.
Reddit U.S.
LinkedIn U.S.
eBay U.S.
Bing U.S.
t.co U.S.
WordPress U.S.
Tumblr U.S.
Blogspot U.S.
Netflix U.S.
Stck Ovrflw U.S.
Imgur U.S.
Apple U.S.
GitHub U.S.
Pinterest U.S.
PayPal U.S.
Twitch U.S.
Adobe U.S.
Dropbox U.S.
Ask.com U.S.
Craigslist U.S.
AccuWeather U.S.
Bitly U.S.
Nvidia U.S.

Craig T Venter leader in the Human Genome Project U.S.

Moon Landing U.S.
Tony Burnett
Tony Burnett commented
Microsoft U.S.
Google U.S.
YouTube U.S.
Facebook U.S.

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