What Is The Expansion Of "HCL"?


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Hindustan Computers Ltd
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Hardware Compatibility List? That would be a list of hardware platforms that can run certain software. So the HCL varies, depending which software you're using.

HCL systems (the Indian IT company) -- their HCL originally stood for Hindustan Computers Limited.

I must admit my first thought was hydrochloric acid -- HCl for short. HCl is a strong aqueous acid, the main ingredient in our stomach acids. It's also used a lot in industry. Global production has been estimated at over 20 metric tonnes of this substance, in gaseous form, which is really scarey given how corrosive it is. HCl is partly what causes mustard gas to make you get blisters on your skin.

Then there's the Hilbert Class Library, which is a library of C++ classes, held at the Rice Centre for Computational Geophysics, Texas.

Lots of other businesses in the world with HCL in their name.

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