A women whose husband cannot produce sperm becomes pregnant through artificial insemination. Describe how the DNA of the baby would compare with the DNA of the women and her husband?


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This is from experience for having two daughters this was. The Fertility clinic finds a donor that comes as close a match to the Fathers physical features as possible and then takes the donation and inserts it at height of Moms cycle and they tell both to go home and have sex to help with mental process. Our two girls have the same donor, a UNM SR Medical Resident student who comes very close to me in features and college education and both girls resemble me and are 27 and 24 now and even Grandson takes after me. Now only the oldest knows that I'm not their biological Father and was told a couple years ago, but the only problem that may arise would be any medical conditions inherited via donor that isn't in me
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The DNA would only be the mothers and the donor's. Review meiosis and gametogenesis plus fertilization in humans.

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