Does Anyone Really Know What Agnostics Believe Or Don't Believe About The Creation Of The Universe?


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You've asked two questions in one question. Agnostics beliefs are a little different than the atheists. Agnostics are those people who believe that there is no God but they don't deny the possibility of existence of God.
And atheists are those who don't believe in the existence of God or gods.
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Agnostics neither endorse the fact there is a God nor do they deny it. Atheists simply do not believe in any type of God or higher power. That makes a great difference between the two. That would make Atheists Evolutionists and Agnostics sitting at the middle of the fence.
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At it's most basic level an atheist is anyone who does not have a belief in any god. (Atheist literally means 'not a theist') To believe something means to positively assert something and have confidence in its truth.
Atheism at its most basic level is not a positive assertion. Atheists lack a belief. Some atheists believe that god does not exist, but this is not necessary in the definition.

Everyone is either a theist (believes in a god) or an atheist (does not believe in a god). If one truly does not know how they feel, that means that they can't claim to believe and are therefore atheist. Agnostics generally fall under the umbrella of atheist since they don't positively assert a believe in god (the very definition of atheism).
I admit that common usage and technical correctness are often at odds, but what I've written above is technically correct. Some agnostics avoid the term atheism because they think it means an active rejection of the possibility of god. This is not true.
Another way this issue has been dealt with is to differentiate between 'week' atheism and 'strong' atheism. Week atheism would be simple lack of belief like that of an agnostic or anyone who's never been introduced to the concept of god (like a young child). Strong atheism would be active rejection with claims of certainty.

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I am disapointed that people lump agnostics into atheism. The amorphous group of beliefs between the radical extremes of atheism and deism consist of more than just ignorant atheist under the banner of agnostism.
As an agnostic I have come to the conclusion that there is no way to prove that a supreme being either exists of does not exist. Therefore, that which we directly observe from our environment is the most probable if one is to believe anything at all. This body of thought is science.
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That's quite a judgement! Not everything has to be so black and white. You can believe in god and still have agnostic views if your not sure which religion to follow
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Luke 6:20 " Blessed are the POOR, their's is the kingdom of Gods.
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If you're going to quote something at least spell it right... And quote something that's actually relevant to the conversation... And something that isn't from the bible
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They believe more on science... =D atheist deny and does not believe in GOD.. Agnostics dont' believe but they don't deny it too.. And both are into science.. Human inventions and creations.. They go with FACTS
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As an Agnostic, I have to say that I don't know what the deal is. I believe in improving our environment, with people coming first. Common sense has taught me to respect others. I believe if we think that nothing matters, we live an empty existence.
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Atheists do not believe that nothing matters! Atheism is taking the position that deities do not exist, or the rejection of theism. Agnosticism is a denial of ultimate knowledge of the existence of God. That is it. Atheism/Agnosticism has no bearing on thoughts on the environment, treatment of others, living a moral life or anything else. I am an atheist who believes we can make this world a better place for ourselves, each other and future generations.
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Forget about the technical terms and definitions, Agnostics are those who don't believe in religion but believe in a supreme being, if it's either a entity or mother nature or science.
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Oh they believe in the creation of the universe '''they just dont believe god had anything to do with it , however god did created the worlds and he spoke them into existance

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