Do You Like To Swim In The Ocean Or The Lake?


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Pat Merrifield Profile
Pat Merrifield answered
Prefer the fresh water. Salt water has a tendency to corrode my poor quality construction materials.
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Anonymous answered
I love both, the Ocean is nice when it isn't crowded.  I have swam in the Ocean with Dolphins before, it is pretty wild.  I love the Lake as well, especially if they are clean...A lot of Lakes are polluted.  Where I live now, we have one of the cleanest Lakes In the United States, it is Jade Green, you can see down at least 12 feet, clearly...and it looks like a big fish tank.
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Anonymous answered
I like both, but the beach is better because of the waves
yesenia delgadillo Profile
I prefer the lake because is not salty
paul williams Profile
paul williams answered
I would say the ocean the waves and body surfing is great. The lake is good too when you have a good one to visit.
Cindy Thompson Profile
Cindy Thompson answered
I love body surfing too, so, I would say the ocean. I've only been to the Pacific and the Atlantic. Peace
Bill Bellomy Profile
Bill Bellomy answered
Well, I grew up on the lake so of course I love THAT, but then when we lived in San Diego and I got out in the ocean...WOW!
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Love freash water but I too love body surfing; gotta go with salt if there are waves.
moodie madd Profile
moodie madd answered
I love swimming in the ocean. You can body surf, surf, and boogey board. I also love the beach, the sand!

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