Do You Live Closer To A Lake, River Or The Ocean?


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Merlin Paine Profile
Merlin Paine answered
Ocean Atlantic 7 miles away
River Waccamaw 1 mile away
Gene wright Profile
Gene wright answered
We live 35 ft from the White River, 11 miles down river from Bull Shoals Dam in northern AR.
We love it. The river never freezes, always 55.
John Profile
John answered
I live closest to  the ohio river.then the lake and then the upper(northern)atlantic ocean. But if i could live anywhere and make a living i would live next that river/creek in the movie the stand where the old guy is painting a picture while sitting n the bridge when stu comes walking up.
Brooke Mundy Profile
Brooke Mundy answered
I live near a small stream, it turns into a river though.
james caison Profile
james caison answered
I live 300 feet from the river, 1/2 mile from the Atlantic ocean and 25 miles from a fresh water lake.
Michael Regenauer Profile
My summer home in Hayward on the 2nd clearest lake in WI with lake Superior
as the lake in 1st place. Lots of scuba action here.
Annie Devore Profile
Annie Devore answered
Hey Dude Keithold!! I Live  10 Minutes From The Ocean And About 20 Minutes From The Gulf Of Mexico.. I Want To Go Shark Fishing. Or Scuba Diving One Of These Days
Karen Profile
Karen answered
How bout them' swamps!!!! Do they count and also I have a cooley in my back yard...I'm threatening to build a wooden pier over it!!! . Heck I can swim and fish in both...also some pretty big turtles!!
Joan Profile
Joan answered
I live about 25 miles from a large man-made lake here in Texas.  It is fed by a river.  The lake furnishes drinking water for much of the Dallas area but is also a well used recreational lake.
Michelle Phy Profile
Michelle Phy answered
I used to be an ocean baby. Lived all my life in Portland Oregon until the last few years now i just live near a river.
Julia Ann Profile
Julia Ann answered
I live closest to an ocean. The San Fran bay actually. Im happy i live nearest to the ocean because i love the beach! :)
Deemarcas Day Profile
Deemarcas Day answered
I've said in many answers that I'm a proud Appalachian American, and I live on the Cane River in Western North Carolina.  It's a small river, but when I saw the Rio Grande (at several locations), it was sometimes smaller than the Cane.  We watch the river go up and down with the rain and snow, it's muddy in the summer rain, and clear in the dry spells.  It's warm, it had endangered fresh water mussels in it, an I like to collect the empty shells.  This is my husband's childhood home and he hates it, but I appreciate it, just hate that we are so isolated.  You have to dry to another county to buy spirits.  It's backward, but some good folk.  We'll be here a while longer and then we'll be moving on.
E K Profile
E K answered
Um i live about 20 feet from a river, with lots more rivers all through my town, all leading to the Delaware river
kat Profile
kat answered
Lake,but the river is right next to it.Arkansas river is closer than the Saline river,I think.
Jewelly A. Shetka Profile
Cochiti Lake(west)...if you mean one with water.
If not, Santa Fe River (north)is closer,
if dry most of the year as is the Galestao River
to the south.,
Levi F. Profile
Levi F. answered

I'm from Miami--I live right near the ocean.

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Many of us have known each other for years on When it shut down, we migrated here. The great diAskpora happened last year. At the same time, SodaHead closed. Blurtit was very kind to us.
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That's great. I've never heard of SodaHead, but I did know I found out about this site from the Experience Project, though.
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Experience Project... I haven't heard of it. I'll have to look that up. :)

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