What Do You Do When It Snows?


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Tessa Thomas answered
We don't get that much snow usually (in the UK).  On the rare occasions when we get more than a flurry, it doesn't tend to last very long and doesn't cause too much disruption.  It is really pretty, especially if we are lucky to get snow at Christmas.
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PJ answered
Dress warmly (coat, gloves, scarf) and drive carefully, because the roads are probably slippery. If you live in Minnesota, you may go snowmobiling, sliding, tubing down a hill, skiing, snow shoeing, or just go out and build a snowman.
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I sit and watch it snow, it's calming for me, and makes me happy. ^_^
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Dress warm , keep the wood stove going & leave the hot water dripping . Keep a eye on the pets & livestock . Make sure there's plenty to eat , since several times before I wasn't able to go to town for quite awhile . Jim123

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