If You Could Invent One Thing To Help Mankind In Even The Smallest Of Ways, What Would It Be?


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A cure all for illness/disease/pain/suffering/hunger/shelter....what's the phrase- seek you the lord in all things and all things will be added to you(paraphrasing)...
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A super duper magical machine that could produce any food imaginable at the touch of a button. Or better...motion-censored. (Why? Because motion-censored stuff is AWESOME, that's why!) So what if it sounds stupid and impractical? Come on, ya gotta admit, that is a GOLDEN TICKET IDEA...world hunger, people!
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Are you looking for easy ones to invent so you can become a millionaire and support yourself with out having to rely on someone in particular? I am thinking of one, gimme a minute. Lol Um, softer cotton balls, lol.
Really, how about a green and biodegradable plastic bag for groceries. I hate to think that the bags lay in the garbage dumps for such a long time, or a styrofoam that is like that, degrades faster at least. You know what I mean. Love you dear, Tigg ♥
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I understand, my brilliant light of sunshine! [[[hugs]]]
Jacquelyn Mathis
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Awwww, hands clasped behind the back, face down and red, and a toe playing in the dirt here. Lol Love you honey.
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If I could, I would make sure everyone in the world had at least one good friend.
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Y'all make me feel guilty..... All I want to invent is a pair of woman's jeans that have a special front to back zipper so WE can wee outside like the guys do...LOL. Would be nice when we're out in the woods and have no bathroom nearby.
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Well, I'd have to say the inability to partake of the 7 deadlly sins, but if I can choose only one, I think it would have to be hate.

Oh, and I want world peace.

Thank you very much!
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Honestly it would not be my original idea or invention, but what I truly believe to be the single most important thing I could do is produce something that is as close to the Nikola Tesla projects. If everyone had the ability to produce free energy of there own will, it would change everything. What would be even better is if this was an earth friendly product, something that fed off the environment as well as give something back in return. Like plants do... I mean some sort of device or engineering prototype that uses the perpetual motion of the Earths rotation around the Sun to convert this energy in to usable goods!!! =]
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If I could I would create the perfect machine that would make people love one another as Gods plan is, love to the point if they are on to away to get something share that information and not keep it a secret especially the ones you call your friends and family members, if you have a home tell me how you did it, if you have property and you have build before tell your friends and neighbors how you did it and where to start,but only if they ask, that way you will be answering a question and don't sound like you are bragging....that is my story
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Sliced bread. Oh wait thats done. How about a way to make people kinder?
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Jo W.
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What a noble answer, Bifmeister. I'm with you!!

Happy weekend, luv!!
And would we call it the 'bifmeister'? [[hugs]]
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I would like to invent a TIME TRAVEL MACHINE. So I could go back and right the all the wrongs that mankind has done.
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Anti-depressants, Anti-Obsession drugs, Tools that can help joining the broken legs/arms/ribs/teeth and incapable eyes to work again.

And, what more? Viagara is already there-lol!

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I would invent a devise that would remove all the hatred in the world. So that men and woman could live in peace and harmony with out all the wars going on.
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Just to be different from some of the other answers, I would invent a way to keep all mosquitoes either away from people or make them extinct, provided all the little shrimp and animals are ok with that.

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