What Is Your Thought On Evolution?


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I really don't know what to think. If evolution was the correct process you'd think we'd be improving and this I fail to see. If anything I think we, as a species, are digressing at a horrifying rate. Just look at how we choose to spend our time.
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Evolution has to do with change, and growth---- -adapting to your environment.....Some species will adapt, some will go extinct......Maybe the human race will cause itself to go extinct......We are making our planet Un-inhabitable!
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I think you are absolutely right.
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I think the "end" will be here way before the human race causes itself to go extinct. But then again, at the rate we are going.....maybe you're right!
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Evolution is not always progress, as others have pointed out. That's one reason why some species have disappeared. I believe evolution is true.
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I really don't know i believe in god and Jesus,how ever i see evidence of evulation too
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It's a beautiful world we live in its a beautiful world... For you, not me


HTH ;-)

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I think couches with remotes and TVs built in maybe . I feel myself gettin closer everyday LOL

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Of course it is true, and notice how 99% of creationist do NOT understand evolution correctly. 

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