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In trying to explain the existence of the complicated body structures in living things around us, the theory of evolution has been developed. This theory is that all the plants and animals in the world today have developed a natural way from earlier forms that were simpler. According to this theory, men are too, developed from some simpler form, just as the modern one-hoofed horse is the descendant of a small five-toed ancestor.

In trying to prove that evolution did take place, scientists depend on three chief "signs". One of these is the study of fossil remains of animals and plants of past ages. Some of these fossils seem to trace the steps of evolution at work. Fossils of certain crablike animals go back nearly 500,000,000 years and those have shown that fish developed in the waters of the earth before amphibians, amphibians before reptiles, reptiles before birds and so on.

Another "sign" of evolution came from the study of embryology, the growth of a new living thing from an egg. In studying the development of the chick from the hen's egg, there was a time when this embryo was like a fish, later it was like an amphibian, then it passed through the reptile stage and finally into its bird form. The unborn young of all animals go through the same kind of process, repeating their history of development.

The third "sign" is the bodies of living animals. For example, the bone and muscle structure in the paddles of a turtle, the wings of a bird, the flippers of a whale, and the front legs of a horse and the arms of a man are similar in structure. These are some of the "signs" that led to a theory of evolution.
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The term evolution is a noun which refers to a gradual process wherein something transforms into a different and typically more complex or probably better form. It could be thought of as development. Thus it could refer to the process of developing; or possibly gradual development.

The term evolution is commonly used in the field of Biology where it implies a transformation in the basic genetic composition of a given population over successive generations, resulting due to natural selection which acts on the genetic deviation among individuals, ultimately resulting in the advancement of new species. Here it could also refer to the historical development of an interrelated group of organisms; that is, phylogeny.

The term evolution is a noun which refers to a gradual process wherein something transforms of ordered movements.
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Evolution is the theory that life forms slowly evolved over million of years from simple animals, such as fish, monkeys, and apes.

But it's called a THEORY, which means it was only somebody's idea of what COULD have happened, which it DIDN'T.
God made us all in his image, and his image only. Seriously, if evolution was true, wouldn't we be starting to evolve, have changes in our bodies by now? And if monkeys and apes evolved into humans, why are there still monkeys and apes today living alongside us humans?
Adaption isn't true, either. If it was, people who scuba dive like every day and have been all their life, wouldn't they have grown gills by now? And people who have been working in the government for 30 years and have to type all day, wouldn't they have grown longer, more muscular fingers by now?
Impossible and stupid. Animals are where they are because they have instincts, and they know whether they're in the right place. They can't evolve or adapt; they simply are what they are, and if you run an experiment for 50 years by introducing different animals to different climates, they won't evolve or adapt. They'll just die.

Try not to poison your brain with evolution stuff; it's just crap they teach you in school.
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First of all, just because something is a theory does not make it untrue. As far as your "monkey and ape evolving into human" comment, you really need to listen in school, because they came from the same comman ansestor, just like you and your brother didnt evolve from each other, youcame from your mother. As far as your "scuba diver would have gills by now" concept, you need to read a book that isnt the bible,m because it wouldnt literally be the diver, and 2nd they dont need to grow gills.
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Why are YOU telling me to not read the Bible? Horrible advice. It's a proven fact, by the way, that the Bible is the most demanded book in the world. Gosh, you're such a non-believer, aren't you? Unless you don't belive in God and that Jesus died for us on the cross. If you don't belive in that, well, I won't be seeing YOU in Heaven.
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1) theories can be PROVEN, which evolution is.

2) we didnt evolve from monkeys

3)we are "evolving" gradually.

4) evolution is a slow process, that why ppl dont have gills and long fingers.

5) do your reserch before making your making yourself look stupid.

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