How To Avoid The Chilblain In The Cold Winter?


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Katie Harry answered
Most people would tell you, and I'd agree, that prevention is better than cure for chilblain. I know you must already know this but I cannot stress enough on the importance of keeping your toes and fingers warm during the winter months. Try wearing many layers on your feet instead of one thick one as this keeps in more heat.
Also, if you regularly massage your feet and hands with slightly warm olive oil (or any other vegetable oil), it would ensure good circulation to the extremities and help prevent chilblains.
Besides that whenever your feet are exposed to cold temperatures move to a warm room. When your body temperature has adjusted, soak your feet in some warm water and then massage gently.
If, however, you do develop chilblain, I find it very effective to treat it using a simple remedy paste. To make this paste, take one egg white, a tablespoon of honey and about half a teaspoon of glycerin. Mix it with some flour (enough to give it a paste like consistency) and apply to the affected area. It is better to apply this at bed time as you should leave it for a good 6 hours. Simply wash it off in the morning with slightly warm water then.

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