What Do You Most Like To Do During Winter?


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Hear the weatherman say that the next bit of
snow is going to fall in the higher (8,000 feet +)
elevations.and not where I live (7,000 feet ~).
Failing that, I like to lay on my bed, heating pad
on, and drink hot cocoa with mini marsh-mellows
and real whipped cream watching the 3 silly Putt-
Racks (Guinea fowl) and the one Bantam-type hen
(that flew over the 6' fence one day and decided
to stay) run around the courtyard trying to catch
big, lazy snowflakes.  At least, that's what it looks like.  
One will rush across the courtyard, putt-racking
( or clucking) and flapping it's wings.  Suddenly you'd
see it snap it's beak at something that it had seen.
Then stand around looking puzzled because what it
had just caught suddenly wasn't there.  Then, off it'd
go at another.   All four of them doing this is hysterical.
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Sleep in Comfort, between Helen and Louise.
(Please note that Comfort, Helen and Louise are the names of three Texas towns, and Comfort is located, on any map, between Helen and Louise.)
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Don't worry about me Mensan I'll be OK. I don't know where'll I'll be anyway, hopefully between Georgia and Virginia. (please note Georgia and Virginia are states) I ain't takin no chances with this comment, the thought police is watchin me.
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Oh woe is me I said a dirty word. Do you think that "QUAP is a cleaner word? Poor whittle me. With what I read here by tweeners and youngers I'm sure they know what the the word C__P means . When an iPod I bought doesn't work and I want to pass comment I should say "this thing is a piece of Manure or feces? Oh sure that'll satisfy my anger. I already say "Oh sugar" when I drop something. Hey...this is the real world, these kids are using words I never heard before. Gimme a break.
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Now you know how I feel about Communist censorship, which is exactly what Blurtit "moderatirds" are; a bunch of Communist sympathizers.

A plague upon ALL their houses! Amen!
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Like a bear, I just hibernate and wait for spring which is only a month away.
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While I'm eating sausage and chicken gumbo or any soup, I am also praying that spring will come early.
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John answered
Watching  all the newly about to be educated on the driving habits of snow and ice covered roads slip sliding away.or the boneheads that think a front wheel drive car is going to pull out of a snow drift in a parking lot.zoom zoom you ain't going no where.: ) .oh! And the funniest thing is the futile effort of people clearing the end of their driveways just before the county/state snowplows come by to pile all the snow on the road back onto their driveway covering up what they did  cleared with a shovel over a 2 hour period of time(it's like watching one of those old movies where they tell the kid you will shoot your eye out with a bb rifle/the one where the kid sticks his tongue to the frozen flag pole). The best thing is crawling into a nice warm bed with plenty of covers and a snack on the nightstand and then watching a good movie. The best ones i have ever seen was on the news, people walking on the sidewalks and the snowplows just covering them up in a wave of snow and slush coming off the blade as they roll by at 25-30 mph.when i was younger the funnest thing was to find a empty parking lot with no lamp posts and take the car or truck i had at the time and do donuts on the snow .one time it had snowed so much no one was out on the roads so you could drive anywhere it was like being the last person on earth.(what's that will smith movie).now when i was really young the best was to go sledding on the bike track hill at the park and try to jump the drainage ditch by flying over it while going about 30-40 mph.the only bad part is you had to stop before the barbed wire fence where the horses were on the other side.i quit sledding after i cracked my tailbone one year.could not sit for a month of sundays.
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Donna Kelly answered
Well that depends on how you class winter cause there can be the winter where its totally freezing to the point where you don't even wanna leve the house, then there's the winter where its quite mild & you don't mind going out as long as you've got you hat, scarf & gloves on etc. When the weather is bearable to go out the most thing I like doing is going for a nice long walk, especially if theres still lots of leaves on the floor from autumn. I love walking through them etc. If you've got woodland areas by you then thats even better. Most importantly though I think you definately need company with you. I'm not saying you shouldn't go alone cause i've done it many of times But its just nice to talk & have a good old laugh. Another reason why I get more paranoid about walking alone is with being a lady, getting attacked etc even though I do take this rape alarm with me. Them are the times when a girl needs a well trained dog to protect her.. I could walk all night long during the winter if I was walkiing with the right partner (if you get my drift). Once again, sorry for going on & on & on & on, sorry guys,can't help it. Xxxxxxx
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I Usually Drink Hot Cocoa.. Take Lavender Scented Bubble Baths; Then I Make Homemade Chili In My Crockpot With Ground Turkey And Let It Simmer On Low.. All Day.. I Make  Homemade Bread To Have With My Chili...The Coldest WE Get Is Around 38.. Perfect For Baking Stuff,  Crockpot Stuff...I Watch The Weather Channel To Smile At All The People Stuck On The Freeway Because They Went 75 On A Road Covered With Black Ice Or 3 Inches Of Slush; And They Slid Sideways About 15 Feet.. Why Can't People Stay Off The Road When The Weatherman Says Not To Drive??Because There Is A Sale On Ricola Cough Drops!!  Or It's Buy One Get One Free Day At Tweezers R Us Ha Ha..
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Throw snowballs at my brother when he least expects it.
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I like staying in, keeping warm.  Watch movies, do my models, read Superman, write short stories.
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The so-called winter where I live is barely different from the rest of the seasons. It gets a little colder, and rains once in awhile, but otherwise, not so much.

I don't do anything different in the winter than I do the rest of the year.
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Michelle Phy answered
Usually find a nice warm vacationing spot or try & stay warm by any means necessary. The cold & i do not get along to well.

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