What Is Your Favorite Country? Please Don't Say Your Own, I'm Curious What People Like Most In Each Other, Not Themselves.


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Tommy Bai answered
I was born in china and came to New Zealand. I HONESTLY think New Zealand is my favorite because its a nice and safe place.
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Fair enough, glad you found a great place :)
Kaytee Mclennan
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Yay for new zealand!
It's so beautiful. Go lord of the rings and flight of the conchords!
Michelle New Zealand
And that is why Im making NZ my new home for exactly the same reasons
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G'day Gvp.

Thank you for your question.

Unfortunately, I haven't travelled enough to form a definite opinion about my favourite country.

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Yea I haven't been out more than the Caribbean so I'm far from a globe trotter lol
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Nova Scotia and Canada was a great trip as well.  I spent some time in Hong Kong while it was still a British colony and although it was full of history I did not enjoy the push/shove/me first attitude of the people who lived there. I lived in Taiwan for a couple of years, at the time it was dirty and very backward but has become much more modern today.  Mexico was not appreciated by me...too dirty, then and now.  I enjoyed my vacations to Jamaica but would not want to live there even though many Americans retire there because of the low cost of living.  If I had to choose to move to one of those countries it would take me a long time to decide between Canada and Nova Scotia.  I would probably go with Nova Scotia, it seemed much more serene and had more of a relaxed atmosphere.
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Hahaha i hope you don't think Canada and Nova Scotia are seperate countries....
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In my hast Greetree7, I wrote before I thought. I visited both places at seperate times. However, I am glad you are brilliant enough that you took the time to point out my are such a well mannered person.
Jewelly A. Shetka Profile
Outside of Canada, (we drove down the Alkan Highway
from Alaska to Montana back when it was little more
than a dirt road), I've not been out of the US.  My sister,
does a lot of buying from and selling to Japan.  
Enough to make friends there.  Maybe someday
we can go visit.   Then there's Australia.  What a
place that would be to visit!  My sister's foster
daughter and my foster niece (is there really
such a critter?) is in Christchurch, New Zealand.
If all goes well, we'll make it to her wedding in a
couple more years.  Maybe we can detour
to Tasmania and Australia for a quick peek.
We've done a bit of research on all three places
(plus a few others), just in case.  ;-)
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Yea that could be a fun trip, especially if you could fit in all three places. Maybe work your way up to Alaska again and drive on down - If you could that would be a real trip down memory lane :)
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Tommy Bai answered
My favorite country is New Zealand to be honest.
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I would love to go to Australia.  Other than that, the islands in the Caribbean.
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jacques slabouz answered
I can't say a favorite because I never traveled out of the country...well canada but that don't    But I would like to go to France and Russia..(I'm russian and french)
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I haven't even been to Canada and I lived in Minnesota and Wisconsin my whole life!!!! If Vancouver is as nice as I dream it is I don't think I would leave though hehe
jacques slabouz
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I would like to do a fly-in fishing trip there in Van.
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My earliest memories are from being in Australia. I went through my fist semester of school in Melbourne, I think. I'd really love to visit as an adult. The next best would have to be Japan. Went there about 2 years ago. The people were very cordial and polite.
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maruth jaum answered
I'd like to go to Italy .. A nice, peaceful, clean place to live

the ambiance is very relaxing ..
I first saw it in a Korean series boys before flowers
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Seffie Jones answered
Greece, all the way!! It is so beautiful and peaceful there. Plus that's where my spiritual parents live! :)
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I have always wanted to see Ireland and Scotland. Catch me some salmon, and have a pint ya know. Lol
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Michelle New Zealand
Oh, I love Scotland and Ireland and the people that live there are very similar. They are kind, very helpful, friendly, fun to be around and oh they are very talkative people
Jacquelyn Mathis
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That would be so really awesome to go there! At times, my heart aches to go.
Michelle New Zealand Profile
I have many places which is my favorite, actually each and every country I've been to have a beauty of its own.  Switzerland has the most breath taking scenery's, it's more like a place which is not part of earth.  Everything there is just that one step higher then the rest of the world. Then there are all the Tropical Islands which is in a class of their own but my favorite there would be the Maldives, it's the best diving stop in the world.  The water are clear for many meters around you and the fish takes you as part of them, they come to you and nibble on you, it's amazing. Then there are the less developed countries and of them my favorite is Thailand, I love that place and the people there are so friendly and although most of them have nothing they will still share what ever they have with you, a lot of us can go and learn from them and the place is beautiful.  Then there are the places filled with history.  The best one of all would be England, any kind of history you can think of is captured there and so I can go on and on
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I would have to say Greece. I have never been there but I really would like to go see all of that old and beautiful architecture and what not.

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