Sociologists Who Analyze How Behavior Depends On The Ways That People Define Themselves And Others Are Most Likely What?


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Sociologists that analyze social behavior are not deemed a specific title as that is what a sociologist job is to do.

  • What is a sociologist?
A sociologist is responsible for discovering the effects of human behavior when certain factors are involved such as political, religious, social and economic. All of the factors mentioned can change human behavior within communities and individuals.

Sociologists differ in terms of their research because they can sometimes study groups of people in a large sense or one or two people and see how their behavior changes with one another. Some sociologists focus on the effects of race and gender within communities while others simply delve into human interaction between different groups of people.

  • Anthropologist
An anthropologist is another scholar that specializes in human behavior relating to specific cultures. The majority of anthropologists will consider different communities that are perhaps living in stricken conditions and see how that culture can develop and communicate with other people from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

  • Psychologist
This is another profession that studies human behavior. However, the difference with psychology compared to a sociologist or an anthropologist's work is that they focus on the effects of the brain on behavior. A psychologist will conduct research to see how behavior changes in certain situations and the pattern that comes along with the behavioral decisions.

  • Economist
This particular form of studying human behavior is related to the way behavior affects the economy. In this instance, when a study is being carried out, they won't particularly use observational techniques but will instead carry out surveys and accumulate various data to come up with a conclusion. They will be able to identify certain trends that are taking place across the country in terms of income and so on.

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