What Are The Principles Of Cell Theory?


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1. All living things are made of cells.
2. Cells are the basic unit of life.
3. Cells come from other cells.

I just learned about this in biology. I have a test on it soon. I'd better know it.
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The three main points of the cell theory are:

1.      This means that cells are found in all types of plants and animals and they are the smallest or basic unit found in all living things.

2.      That the basic unit of structure as well as function in all the living organisms is the cell which means that all the functions that the human body can perform take place at the cellular level and these cells join to form tissues, organs and organ systems.

3.      That the cells are formed form pre existing cells. This means that new cells can only be produced from other cells.
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1. All forms of life are made up of one or more cells.
2. Cells come from the reproduction of other cells.
3. Cells are the most basic unit that can perform all of life's functions.
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The cell is the smallest structural and functional unit capable of carrying out life processes.
Cells are the living building blocks of all plant and animal organisms.
The functional activities of each cell depend on the specific structural properties of the cell.
All organism’s structure and function ultimately depend on the capabilities of its cells.
All new cells and new life arise only from pre-existing cells.
Because of this continuity of life, the cells of all organisms are fundamentally similar in structure and function.
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After cells were observed for the very first time in the year 1665 by Robert Hooke, there were a few other developments like the viewing of living cells under a microscope by Antoine Van Leuwenhoek in 1674. This led to the combination of all these ideas about the existence of cells and their characteristics into what we know as cell theory. The credit for developing this theory is given to Theodor Schwann, Matthias Jakob Schleiden, and Rudolf Virchow.It had three basic points in it:
·   That all the living organisms are made up of one or more cells. This means that whatever the live form may be, it is composed of cells.
·   The basic unit of life is the cell. This means that it is the smallest unit that has the capability to survive independently.
·   The new cells arise from pre existing cells. This means that the new cells are formed from the existing ones, they cannot develop from dead cells.

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