Are You An Organ Donor?


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Keith Old Profile
Keith Old answered
G'day Safarii23,

Thank you for your question.

Not as yet. I hope to use them for a few more years yet.:>)

However, I am registered so when I go, hopefully some people will be able to use them.

yarnlady Profile
yarnlady answered
Not yet, but I carry an organ donor card, and a full body donor card in my wallet for when I won't need them anymore.
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
No, I am not, but I think it is a glorious thing to do so.
Merlin Paine Profile
Merlin Paine answered
I don't know how good they will be by then but when I change my DL here in a few month I was seriously considering it.
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Michelle Phy
Michelle Phy commented
Good evening Socrates, being a donor can be very helpful even if we dont know it or feel like our intended donations might be too old to be useful. Mine already feel a little used up but who knows? Lol
rineeth kittu Profile
rineeth kittu answered
No im not.
jacques slabouz Profile
jacques slabouz answered
Yes I am...whatever they can harvest from me they can take..I think in all actuality I will die a horrific death...But, I am also hoping to live
Gene wright Profile
Gene wright answered
I'd like to be (and used to be), but had kidney transplant 5yrs ago and can't now, cause of the anti-rejection drugs I take
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Michelle Phy
Michelle Phy commented
I'm sorry to hear of your kidney problems Genew but its nice you would if you could. And the transplant has you here with us today!
dan cooper Profile
dan cooper answered
Yes, I have been for at least 20 years. I know two people who's lives were saved and improved by transplants. I'd be glad to help's our last opportunity.
Arun  kumar Profile
Arun kumar answered
NO i m not as i need it for survive but yes after death i will do... I may be register my name for eye donor list!
Meta Forrest Profile
Meta Forrest answered
Yes and have been for 12 years now, but as I get older I wonder if they'll be of use to anyone.  ^_^ .
Maria Not Telling Profile
Yes i am if i dont need them i say let someone eles live in my death
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Michelle Phy
Michelle Phy commented
What a nice outlook. Not by death of course but if we go we can still help others live or have a better quality of life.
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Yes I am Michelle can we talk later on tonight hopefully ealier in the night?I just hope that you're ok.

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