What would you take photos of if you only had one roll of film?


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Joe B. answered
I hope I don't have to use the whole roll right now. But even if I did, I would use it all to take photos of my pets, family and friends.
Depending on the quantity in the roll I may also choose to use some to capture scenery or events that interest me.
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Keith Old
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Thanks Bonghit.
Karen commented
And the real question lingering is what scenery or events interest YOU?
Joe B.
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Oh I don't know... When I see it I know it :)
Call me Rae..? Profile
Call me Rae..? answered
First i would take pics of my family, then i would make the rest of it last for a while..i would go take some pretty pics of different scenery, and i would have at least one pic of my english mastiff and one of my Converse. :)
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Jack Mahon answered
First, my back and behind which I've never seen, if possible a photo of my soul to prove it exists, moths emerging from my wallet which never gets open, a portrait of myself with my lips sewn together, one of my ears with the blockage removed so I would listen to others and a picture of my naked body as I return to God the way I arrived.  That's it, you use the remaining film to take pictures of what you think may be memorable.
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Zura Star answered
Well, I think I would go for a walk and take pictures of anything that I found pretty or interesting, anything I thought was art.  I've done that before ^.^  I took pictures of a swing set at different angles, and bugs on trees, cracked sidewalks and critters on the beach.  Basically I waited for the 'subjects' to come to me, so I could turn them into art using my camera ^.^
Jewelly A. Shetka Profile
I'd take pictures of those things that mean the
most to me: Family, friends, pets,  the Hawai'ian
hills with the morning mist rolling down them,
the beautiful sunsets we have here, one of the
ponds in our Courtyard is especially nice,
the dark red and grayish rose (A 'Lava Flow'
and a 'Sterling Silver' rose planted
close together),the big yellow moon shining
through the Aspens reflecting on one of our ponds,
Pronghorns grazing close to the hwy. Our local prairie
Falcon stooping after some prey...
Joan Profile
Joan answered
If I am to assume there will never be more film for any camera, the pictures I would take first would be of my family so that they could be passed down through the ages to future generations.  I would want one of me in the mix simply because I want to be remembered also.  If I have film left, I would try to capture things of beauty..sunsets, mountains with fall colors, photos that would cause the "Oh my, look at that" response.  Beauty must be shared to truly be appreciated and the best way to do that is with a photo.
Midnite star Profile
Midnite star answered
I'd take the whole roll of myself, so my rotten kids....who haven't called me or visited me in the 4 years since they moved away; could see what their mother looked like b-4 she died.
I'd make them wait 'til my death n' leave them in a box for them so they could have a good cry over why they treated me so badly. That is...... If they'd even bother to.
Oh wait...I'd save one or two n' take photos of my bank account too, so they could see what I didn't leave them. An' that's that.
I wouldn't take pictures of Hawaii or any other beautiful place. I'd go there to enjoy it myself, in person. Gotta spend all that inheritance money somehow.....May as well be on me !!
John Profile
John answered
I would probably try to get photos of my family members when they were alone doing something they do everyday in normal life but no one actually catches them doing like yard work,chores,grocery shopping ,stuff like that so i would have proof they actually do these things for themself and their family. Then i would make copies and send them to each family member with captions on them saying this is what your brother,sister,mother,father does for you when your not looking.around. Because i don't think a lot of family members actually know what their own family goes through for them.
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Sarah answered
While frist of all i am not selfish too only take pics of me but i am not tht friendly to let everyone take pic of theirselves but me not take a pic of me so..... I will take pics of my family and friends but i am in them lol
Annie Devore Profile
Annie Devore answered
My Family  My  Kids All My Friends  At PARC Sunrise.. Sunset.. Flowers  And Some  Cats.. I'd Love A Picture Of Lightening  But That's Risky.
natalee ainttellin Profile
I would either go to the zoo or have a family reunion and take pictures there with family and if i still had some left over i would take pictures with my brother and my puppy dog8)
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William Harkin answered
I'm sure it would be my family,friends,and the local hill's, and landscape in general,and use the last shot on myself.lol
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Karen answered
Well, I like to take pics of my flowers and my dog!! Lol...but I always have my cell phone available which requires NO FILM...heheheh...so I ditched those rolls years ago!!
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greg gowen answered
Id save it for the next 9/11 attack on new york city, afterall you wouldnt want to not have film in your camera for that.

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