How did the revolver change the world?


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Perhaps the most significant thing is that for a little while it put some of the highest weapons technology into the hands of the "common people" Something that had not been true anywhere in the world since each male adult over the age of 21 in England had to be able to shoot a bow accurately - some 400 years before. If you arm your population, you have to treat them right.
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It allowed six people to get injured and/or killed at a time.
Truly a wonderful invention.
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Sam Damn
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Wonderful creation? How come?
It causes deaths!
Joe B.
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Okay I see you might be new to sarcasm, let me introduce you.
It is the cynical mans drug.
Obviously I was kidding about it being a wonderful invention.
But the Gatling gun was invented by a doctor Gatling, in the hopes of reducing casualties and disease on the battle field.
So in a roundabout way, perhaps the revolver was created with similar goals in mind.
Or it was another invention out of necessity, needing to kill more quicker.

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