What outfits do you like to wear in the summer?


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Kathryn Wright , sun loving female. I keep up to date with fashion and love designer Jimmy Choo and Christian Laboutin, answered

The summer in England tends to be really temperamental, so I will write about what I like to wear on holiday.

At the moment I am really pleased to see that bright colours have made a comeback, such as neon pink, orange and bright florals. I am a fan of strapless dresses and try to wear ones from places like Hollister, which have a ruffle on them, generally girly and not sexy for during the day. I like to get a tan, so it's important for me to think about the tan lines particular clothes will give you.

Here are some of my best picks for Summer 2013:

This summer also sees a comeback of '90s fashion. As a teenager in the '90s...this is not something I am interested in reliving just yet!

If I'm not wearing a dress, I would still deliberately mix and match my colours, the minute the sun is out. Rather than wear all pink, I'll wear something like turquoise or purple to clash with the pink. Also, although I love silver jewellery, in summer I like to wear gold accessories. I feel gold complements a tan better and reminds me of being abroad.

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Dan Banks , Summer-loving., answered

As is the case with most people, summer is my favorite season, even though we rarely get a good one in the UK! Usually I'm a jeans and T-shirt loving kind of guy, but as soon as it hits summer I don my shorts.

I like short-shorts.

As soon as there is a bit of sun I put my shorts on, this is because they are so much more comfortable than wearing jeans all day. As far as t-shirts go, I usually wear the same ones as I would in winter, but I do tend to wear more proper shirts in the summer too.

Sunglasses are usually another crucial part of my summer outfits - even though I'm pretty sure they don't suit me! I don't take that much notice of fashion trends, so my outfits are usually based around comfort rather than style. Just writing this answer has made me excited for summer!

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Kim Snowling , Summertime is the best time of the year!, answered

I love the summertime and always enjoy wearing vibrant colours. 

In the summer you have so much more choice and you can really be a lot more individual and clearly stamp your name on a style that suits you.

I do feel that it is important to understand your body shape and what colours suit you, which can really make your outfit come to life.  

I never used to believe that this could really matter, until one Christmas, my husband treated me to an afternoon makeover.  

An expert came into my home and explained exactly what make up I should be wearing, what my body shape was and how to dress it correctly. She identified the colours that enhanced my natural skin tone and finally she went through my wardrobe explaining why certain items suited me and why some items just sat there and were never worn.  It was insightful and I have never gone back.

Personally, I have no waist, and am very rectangular, so I need to avoid anything that has a belt or finishes around the waist - it all needs to concentrate on my hips.  I will always look better in tailored clothes, so all the blazers at the moment are perfect for me!

Colour-wise, I am vibrant - any 'opal fruit' colour suits me, but I do have to avoid pink, grey, black and white and any pastel colours, as they all drain the colour from my cheeks.  It is amazing how, by putting on the correct colour and style that suits you, it can really change the way you feel.

I would recommend that everyone should do this, it was like having my very own Gok.

So find out your shape and what colours suit you and enjoy the whole new world of being fashionable and feeling awesome.

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