Why do people from Kazakhstan/Kyrgyzstan look Korean?


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People from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan certainly look more Asian than they do Slavic. Although it is always difficult to determine these things, this may be due to the following factors:

Ethnic groupings in Central and East Asia.

  • Russian people are of Slavic descent, and these Slavic tribes migrated down into Eastern and Southern Europe, hence why there are Slavic populations there.
  • People from Kazakhstan are not actually Slavic. They belong to a larger ethnic group known as Turkics. However there is also a large ethnically-Russian population living in present-day Kazakhstan.
  • Kirghiz people are the most numerous ethnic group in Kyrgyzstan. They too belong to the Turkic group and are not Slavic.
  • Turkics 'look' Korean because it is believed that they originated in the steppes of Mongolia and have since moved to central Asia following the expansion of the Mongol empire under Genghis Khan. This makes them more ethnically-similar to someone of East Asian extraction (such as Koreans) than to Ethnic Russians.

This may be why Turkics can 'look' Korean, rather than Slavic.

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