What Does Japan Export?


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Japan exports a great variety of things to destinations all over the world, but mainly to the markets in the European Union, China and the United States.

One of the biggest exports to come from Japan is machinery and electronic equipment. There are a number of big name brands that are sold across the world that have originated from Japanese design. This includes a number of computers, televisions, mobile phones, sound equipment, cameras and video recorders.
Japan also exports from several of their successful car manufacturing companies. Their cars are very popular and are commonly and frequently by their export markets. Not only do they export their fully working automobiles, but also a number of car parts and car manufacturing machinery to other companies. In a similar light, Japan also exports different types of machinery used for building other things such as buildings.

Japan benefits greatly from the huge influx in the popularity of video games. There is a number of very successful game developers located in Japan and these companies export a considerable amount of video games and video gaming technology. They are also responsible for a lot of the manufactured toy industry.

However, Japan does not export such things as natural resources to their global markets. They aren’t the largest of countries and therefore do not have the means to be exporting vital natural resources such as minerals and fuels to surrounding countries. In fact, Japan has to import their own energy resources and fuels from other countries.

Japan is responsible in the most part for a huge amount of electronic equipment and vehicle manufacturing.
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Japan's main imports are machinery and equipment, fossil fuels, foodstuffs (in particular beef), chemicals, textiles and raw materials for its industries.

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Japan's exports came to 4,210 U.S. Dollars in 2005. Japan's main export markets are the United States  the European Union, and China.
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Japan exports Transportation equipment, computer and electronic products, machinery, chemicals, electrical equipment and component..
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Rice, apples, cherries, pears, beef, maize, various meats, (veal, lamb, chicken) soybeans
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Japan exports a lot of cars like honda mitsubishi

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