What Is Romania's Main Export?


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The main exports of Romania are: textiles and footwear, metal products, machinery and minerals.

The textile exports range from traditional arts and crafts, based on Romania's rural culture, to modern textiles used in the apparel industry.

As well as shoes, Romania also exports shoe parts, such as soles, heels and leather parts. These exports are mainly to the European Union.

The metal products exported by Romania range from the metal parts of air conditioning equipment, metal boxes and casings, to jewellry, and pieces for jewellry manufacture.

The machinery produced and exported by Romania is largely metal and for industrial use, such as varied types of factory machines, including machines for the textile industry, and parts for conveyor belts.

Romania is fortunate to be rich in natural mineral deposits, including iron, manganese, chrome, nickel, molybdenum, aluminium, zinc, copper, tin, titanium, vanadium, lead, gold and silver. These constitute one of Romania's main exports.

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