How much time would Earth have taken to come in its novel form after being detached from sun? Why?


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S. AKASH. answered

About 50 crore (500 million) years.

But Earth didn't get detached from the sun, it was formed along with it from its swirling gases and dust particles.

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Carl Green answered

What do you mean by 'novel form'? And when did the Earth EVER detach from the sun?

I think you've been reading some messed up kind of science fiction, when what you need here is a health dose of science FACT.

The earth was probably formed around the same time as the sun, in fact we have discovered that our entire solar system is around 4.6 billion years old based on radioactive dating of meteorites.

So forget about any scenario in which the sun 'gave birth' to the planets, as this is a fallacy. Life on earth is dependent on the sun, yes, but the planets certainly did not emerge from a star!!

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