What are good ways to reduce noise for stone crusher?


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I know nothing about stone crushers (I suspect there is a limited knowledge base here about the subject generally). I do know a little about acoustics though.

I suspect that crushing stone is inherently a noisy activity, so what you probably have to do is:

1)To look at how that noise is contained.

2) Ensure that the equipment used is not amplifying the noise that is made.

The first usually has some effect on the second.

Some years ago, "sound deadening" kits were available for cars. These were felt/cloth components that would be attached around the engine bay which had the effect of "keeping the sound in" but almost as importantly, stopping the metal panels vibrating and thereby amplifying the sound. ("Drumming").

People who bought such kits were often surprised to find components for fitting inside the boot lid and doors, just to prevent drumming.

So - the courses of action are, sound insulation and amplification prevention. 

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Crushing Machine is widely used in mine,
metallurgy, construction, highway, railway, water conservancy, chemistry, etc.
But its great noise, especially during its initial operation, is very
uncomfortable, and from the perspective of environmental protection, this noise
pollution may also disturb the surrounding residents. And it may cause other
malfunction if crusher is running a long time under this condition.

Here are some tips from SBM Machinery experts on how to
reduce noise problems:

1. Add rubber beneath the machine or add
lubrication to reduce noise. Improve processing technic and installation
accuracy to reduce vibration and friction.

2. Enlarge feed opening, and its square
upper body shape will help to keep noise down at some point. We can also make
use of some natural elements such as hummock, earth slope, etc.

3. Ask operators to take individual
protective equipment, such as earplug, helmet with earmuffs or practice
rotation system.

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1.To add rubber under the machine,add lubrication oil for the machine,and reduce its noise.

2.To enlarge the feeder nose.(The above of the feeder nose should be square),to widen the feeder nose has the deadening effect to

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