What Are Some Other Ways To Reduce Friction Between Moving Objects?


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Depending on the objects, ususally oil is the best way to reduce friction, as in a vehicle, motor oil, or even vegetable oil, mineral oil is also very good for household items, and is non toxic, and so on. Hope this helps. Also, sometimes, water is applied or poured onto a device to reduce friction and heating. It depends on what object you are referring to
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Friction is a force that resists the movement of one surface over another.To reduce the friction between moving parts,lubricants are used as well as ball and roller bearings.
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Even changing the materials between points of contact can work. Each material has a different coefficient of friction (number between 0 and 1), depending on whether it's more slippery or more rough. The larger, the more difficult it is for things to move along it (ice is slippery, thus lower, while gravel is rough, thus higher)There are also two different coefficients for each material.Coefficient of static friction (when something tries to start moving along this surface) and coefficient of kinetic friction (when something ALREADY MOVING comes into contact with this surface). Kinetic is lower than static, meaning that when you are pushing something heavy, it is easier to move when you keep it moving than when you try to start it moving.
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We can reduce the friction between two surfaces by using some methods. When it causes destruction or is a nuisance, friction must be reduced to a minimum. Methods of reduction friction include the following:

Polishing the opposing surfaces of moving objects, such as the parts of a machine.
Another method of reducing friction involves the use of lubricants, which separates the surface of the moving objects,. Friction, in this case takes place between the molecules of the lubricant rather than between the irregular projections on the two surfaces sliding agonists one another.

Oil and grease make good lubricants. In some nursing situations special lubricants are used. These are preferred to ordinary oils mainly because they can readily be washed away. In special instances, such as in wetting the end of a rubber tube, water may be used as a lubricant, In order to prevent friction between the outer surface of solid medicines and the throat and mouth, water is usually taken along with the medicines.

Wherever motion occurs within the body, friction is reduced by serous fluids. Examples of such fluids are the synovial fluid in the joints and the serous fluids between the layers of the pleura, pericardium and peritoneum.

While a patient in bed is being moved from side to side, it is necessary to reduce as much as possible the rubbing of his or her body against the surface of the bottom bed sheet.
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Lubrication is a good way to lessen friction, and not necessarily liquid lubrication either. Basically you want to make it easier for the two objects to slide against one another. For example my storage removalists like to use mats to help drag heavy furniture across the floor when they are moving because there'll be less resistance.

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