How Do I Dry Long Stem Roses?


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Make sure that they are in good condition. Roses from the florist are easier to dry than those from the garden. Remove most of the foliage and any thorns. Tie into bunches of three or five making sure that the heads do not touch. Hang them upside down in a warm dry place, an airing cupboard is ideal. It is unwise to hang them in a kitchen as any moisture will prevent successful drying. The drying process is complete when the flowers feel papery to the touch.
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The most basic and natural way to dry long stem roses is by placing them under direct sunlight. Using any other artificial may damage the plant; hence the sun drying method is suggested.

A rose basically is a flowering shrub coming from the class Rosa, and the flower of this shrub. There are over hundred types of wild roses, all of them coming from the northern hemisphere and generally from temperate regions. These species generally make up a collection of prickly shrubs or climber, and at times trailing plants, growing up to 2-5m in height, and occasionally reaching 20 m by climbing above other plants.

The name rose is derived from the Latin term rosa, taken through Oscan from grand Greek in southern Italy: rhodon.
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I was told a while back to hang them upside down in a dry place. Of course, enjoy them while they are in bloom first. When the flower starts to become brownish, that's when to flip them. This makes wonderful pot pourri and a little splash of your favourite perfume is great!
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Another way to dry them is to place them in between newspaper, and put cardboard on both sides. Then you can tie them together tightly and let them sit outside for 3 to 5 days then take them out and BAM!

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