What Types Of Leaves Do Roses Have?


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Most roses have pinnate leaves. These types of leaves are feather-like, growing on both sides of a common stem. The leaves of most species of roses are 5-15 cm long. A serrated margin and prickles beneath the stem are other common characteristics. Most roses are deciduous, meaning they lose all their foilage during certain times of the year. However there are exceptions to all these rules, and some roses in southeast Asia are evergreen.

It is a common misunderstanding that roses have thorns. Rather, roses have 'prickles'. These are tiny sharp bumps which are growths on the epidermis, or outer layer of the stem. True thorns are modified stems that are formed from nodes on the plant. Citrus plants, such as the lemon plant, have true thorns. The 'prickles' on rose plants help them to grip and climb along hedges and other natural and man-made structures as they grow.

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