How will the world cope once the oil starts running out? Does anyone have a plan?


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The best alternative is water and several tests have been made successfully to generate energy from the water. Although it is still controversial issue but here in Pakistan one of the engineer has run a car on water. It was shown in the presence of media but due to political issues and pressure from the big companies it was buried.

So I personally think water may be the best alternative for oil.

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Yo Kass
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That's interesting! Thanks for sharing. Let's just hope water scarcity isn't an issue too then
Bilal Ahmad
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Kass, that will certainly happen and it is predicted that at the end wars will be fought for the water. Once the water is being used for energy production the scarcity issue is going to arise.
Yusuf Yassin
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Stocking up on Evian as we speak.
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It's all about natural energy. Solar, wind, water, and possibly geothermal energy will play roles. I just pray we don't start using nuclear energy because it's works out good, but the risks are great. When I say great, I mean high.

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